PHUKET-Total free voyage guide for 4 night and 5 days

Phuket Island (pronounced puu gèt), is Thailand’s largest at 48km in length and 21km at its widest. It’s in Southern Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges.

Western Phuket
 (Bang Thao, Kamala, Karon, Kata, Laem Sing, Mai Khao, Nai Thon and Nai Yang, Patong, Surin)
This region is what Phuket is known for the world over. There is a wide variety of beaches, some calm, some totally ruined by millions of visitors each year. Patong is one of the party capitals of Asia.
Southeastern Phuket (Chalong Bay, Cape Panwa, Nai Han, Rawai, Ya Nui)
Slightly off-beat beaches that are worth the trip. Chalong Bay is the largest town that acts as a harbour for outgoing boats to Phi Phi island and others south islands.
Interior Phuket (Bang Rong, Ko Sire, Phuket Town, Phra Taew National Park, Thalang)
Besides Phuket Town, the interior of Phuket is pretty much unvisited by foreign visitors. This fertile hilly expanse consists of mangrove forests, fishing villages, rubber and pineapple plantations, small Muslim communities and shrimp farms. The Phra Taew National Park is a nice escape from the tourist crowds, as is the Gibbon Project.
Small islands southern-eastern Phuket and Phang Nga Bay (Ko Bon, Ko Hae, Ko Lon, Ko Mai Thon, Ko Racha, Ko Maphrao, Ko Naka, Ko Yao, Ko Panyi, Ko Tapu (James Bond Island))
Famous for its beautiful beaches, clear water, coral forests, pearl farm, limestone cliffs, caves, mangroves, fishing villages and national park.

Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 32 33 34 33 32 32 31 31 31 31 31 31
Nightly lows (°C) 23 24 24 25 25 25 24 24 24 24 24 24
Precipitation (mm) 30 21 49 122 319 269 291 273 399 310 176 59


Phuket is a melting pot of indigenous Thais, Thai-Chinese, ethnic Malays and even sea gypsies. The majority of the population in the rural areas is Muslim. Outside of the provincial town, the rural folk speak with a thick Southern dialect which is difficult for even other Thais to understand. The provincial town’s economy having boomed over the past decade has led to a lot of the youngsters leading similar lives to those in Bangkok. Altogether, the lifestyle of the urban Sino-Thais in Phuket resembles that of their counterparts in Bangkok. check this link out for discover the train travel map of phuket.

TRAVEL-You can go via train and flight to phuket via different stations or airports.At first you have to go surat thani rail station then then have to go phuket via bus. We are here for your favourities.Here are some train’s informations for you given below,-

TrainBangkokSurat ThaniSleeper
8317:05 04:24Yes
17317:35 05:48Yes

BUS:- From surat thani you can get different types of bus provide by the phantip travel company.Here are some informations of buses from surat thani to phuket.

Surat Thani StationPhuketCostCompany
08:0014:30550 THBPhantip Travel

FLIGHT-You can also go to phuket via flight.Here are some information of phuket airport given below,-


17:5517:52Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3021Arrived On-Time
18:0518:05Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 217
Codeshare: TG 2217
Arrived On-Time
18:1518:15Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 2304Arrived On-Time
18:2018:19Bangkok (BKK)Bangkok Airways PG 277
Codeshare: AY 6863 / BA 4173 / BR 3985 / EK 4524 / EY 7634 / GA 9564 / JL 5989 / MH 4927 / OS 8655 / PR 3706 / QR 4379 / TG 5627 / TK 4481 / WY 5900
Arrived On-Time
18:4518:36Udon Thani (UTH)Thai AirAsia FD 3171Arrived On-Time
19:0019:00Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 2306Cancelled
19:1519:15Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 8793
Codeshare: TG 2787
Arrived On-Time
19:1519:05Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3027Arrived On-Time
19:5019:50Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 316Arrived On-Time
19:5519:55Bangkok (DMK)Thai Lion Air SL* 762Arrived On-Time
20:1020:10Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 308Arrived On-Time
20:3020:30Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 287
Codeshare: TG 2287
Arrived On-Time
20:5020:50Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 8785
Codeshare: TG 2779
Arrived On-Time
21:0020:51Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3011Arrived On-Time
21:2021:20Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 310On-Time
21:5521:38Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3013Arrived On-Time
22:1521:47Bangkok (BKK)Thai AirAsia FD 4114Arrived On-Time
23:0522:55Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3023Arrived On-Time
23:2023:20Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 312On-Time
23:4523:53Chiang Mai (CNX)Thai AirAsia FD 3168On-Time
09:0009:00Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3029On-Time
09:0509:05Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 201
Codeshare: TG 2201
09:1009:10Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 300On-Time
09:3009:30Bangkok (BKK)Bangkok Airways PG 271
Codeshare: BA 4165 / BR 3925 / CI 9749 / EK 4518 / EY 7612 / HX 3823 / JL 5987 / QR 4373 / TG 5617
09:4009:40Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 314On-Time
09:5509:55Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 203
Codeshare: TG 2203
10:0010:00Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 2310On-Time
10:1010:10Bangkok (BKK)Thai AirAsia FD 4124On-Time


17:2517:25Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 307Departed On-Time
17:5017:50Bangkok (DMK)Thai Lion Air SL* 769Departed On-Time
18:2518:20Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3022Departed On-Time
18:4518:45Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 2305Departed On-Time
18:4518:45Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 218
Codeshare: TG 2218
Departed On-Time
19:1019:07Bangkok (BKK)Bangkok Airways PG 278
Codeshare: AY 6870 / BA 4170 / BR 3996 / EK 4525 / EY 7658 / HX 3834 / OS 8648 / QR 4382 / TG 5630 / TK 4482 / WY 5901
Departed On-Time
19:1519:15Chiang Mai (CNX)Thai AirAsia FD 3167Departed On-Time
19:3019:30Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 2307On-Time
19:4519:39Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3028Departed On-Time
19:5519:55Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 8794
Codeshare: TG 2788
Departed On-Time
20:2020:20Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 317Departed On-Time
20:3520:35Bangkok (DMK)Thai Lion Air SL* 763Departed On-Time
21:1021:10Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 288
Codeshare: TG 2288
Departed On-Time
21:3021:30Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 8786
Codeshare: TG 2780
Departed On-Time
21:3021:22Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3012Departed On-Time
21:5021:50Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 311Departed On-Time
22:2522:16Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3014Departed On-Time
22:4522:37Bangkok (BKK)Thai AirAsia FD 4115Departed On-Time
23:3523:35Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3024On-Time
09:0009:00Hat Yai (HDY)Bangkok Airways PG 298
Codeshare: EK 4454 / QR 6509
09:3009:30Bangkok (DMK)Thai AirAsia FD 3030On-Time
09:4009:40Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 301On-Time
09:4509:45Chiang Mai (CNX)Thai AirAsia FD 3161On-Time
09:5509:55Bangkok (BKK)Thai Smile WE* 202
Codeshare: TG 2202
10:1010:10Bangkok (BKK)Thai Vietjet Air TVJ 315On-Time
10:2010:20Bangkok (BKK)Bangkok Airways PG 272
Codeshare: BA 4164 / BR 3914 / CI 9852 / EK 4519 / EY 7659 / HX 3824 / MH 4932 / QR 4376 / TG 5622 / TK 4484

Maximum Taxi or Tuk Tuk fares published March 2015

1 Person – 4 Person (Depending on Luggage) Honda Civic / Toyota Altis

  • Karon – Phuket Airport 900
  • Kamala – Phuket Airport 700
  • Patong – Phuket Airport 800
  • Phuket Town – Phuket Airport 550
  • Phuket Airport – Koh Si Rae 800
  • Phuket Airport – Makham Bay 750
  • Phuket Airport – Phuket Deep Sea Port 750
  • Phuket Airport – Panwa Cape 750
  • Phuket Airport – Chalong Bay 650
  • Phuket Airport – Rawai 1000
  • Phuket Airport – Kata 1000
  • Phuket Airport – Karon 1000
  • Phuket Airport – Patong 800
  • Phuket Airport – Cherng Talay 700

4 Person – 10 Person Toyota Commuter

  • Karon – Phuket Airport 1100
  • Kamala – Phuket Airport 900
  • Patong – Phuket Airport 1000
  • Phuket Town – Phuket Airport 800
  • Phuket Airport – Koh Si Rae 1000
  • Phuket Airport – Makham Bay 950
  • Phuket Airport – Phuket Deep Sea Port 950
  • Phuket Airport – Panwa Cape 950
  • Phuket Airport – Chalong Bay 850
  • Phuket Airport – Rawai 1100
  • Phuket Airport – Kata 1100
  • Phuket Airport – Karon 1100
  • Phuket Airport – Patong 1000
  • Phuket Airport – Cherng Talay 900

HOTELS-PHUKET is among the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns.There are innumberable hotels and guest house arrouding phuket.Here we brought for you some finest deals in hotels and guest house,informations are given below,check out it now.

Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach₹ 6,473

Marriott Hotels

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Beyond Resort Kata₹ 3,782

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33% less than usual The Sixteenth Naiyang Beach Hotel₹ 1,835₹ 1,157

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Baan Laimai Beach Resort & Spa₹ 3,540₹ 2,694

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Palmyra Patong Resort₹ 1,129

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Breakfast included The Bliss South Beach Patong₹ 2,963₹ 1,921

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Taking safety measures13% less than usualBreakfast includedBlu Monkey Hub and Hotel Phuket₹ 2,943

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16% less than usualMaya Phuket Hotel₹ 1,577

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Banyan Tree Phuket₹ 16,934

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13% less than usualBreakfast included2020Kantary Bay, Phuket₹ 3,560₹ 3,018

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All InclusiveThe Racha₹ 19,582

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Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort₹ 5,878

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Amata Patong₹ 1,644

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Top RatedCOMO Point Yamu₹ 18,867

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Diamond Resort Phuket₹ 3,296

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Taking safety measuresKatathani Phuket Beach Resort₹ 17,754

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Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay₹ 8,905

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Four Points by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort₹ 5,325

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OZO Phuket₹ 3,350

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Taking safety measuresThe Nature Phuket₹ 4,759

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Taking safety measuresGrand Mercure Phuket Patong₹ 3,324


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Tony Resort₹ 1,066

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Andamantra Resort & Villa Phuket₹ 1,880


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Breakfast includedCrest Resort & Pool Villas₹ 74,766

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TOURIST PLACES- If you are planning to go on a holiday with your friends and still don’t know which place to choose, we offer you Thailand’s gorgeous attraction: Phuket. There are quite a number of destinations that will make your holiday unforgettable. Some of the “must see” places to visit in Phuket have been listed in the following paragraphs.

Tourist Places in Phuket:

Here we enlisted below some Beautiful Phuket tourist places to visit with pictures.

1. Old Phuket Town:

The Old Phuket Town is a great place for Chinese, colonial and local restaurants, funky shops, architecture and beautiful sights. Coming here on a weekend afternoon is surely going to be a lot of fun, frolic and even fascinating.

2. Bangla Road Nightlife:

Bangla Road of Phuket offers you the best nightlight you can have. The exotic dancers, lady boys and enchanted westerners are some of the common people you shall find here. If you are open minded and are hoping to have some fun with your friends, then Bangla Road Nightlife is the place for you. It is one of the Best places to see in Phuket.

3. Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Bay of Phuket is famous, beautiful and very unique. The limestone cliffs and emerald green waters make this place distinct yet very attractive. This location is ideal for all tourists who are looking for a time of peace and relaxation.

4. Simon Cabaret Show:

Simon Cabaret Show of Phuket is the most spectacular and fantastic musical show you will find in the whole of Thailand. The fabulous costumes, professional dance moves and performances are sure to drop your jaw. All of them are done by the best lady boys of the world and is truly a wonderful experience.

5. Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples:

Phuket is also famous for its temples. Wat Chalong is one of the most important one located here and has drawn thousands of tourists and visitors every year. It organizes country fairs on every holiday which gives you the opportunity to indulge into some sumptuous and delicious snacks made by the local Thai people. It is fascinating, beautiful and very interesting.

6. Big Buddha:

The Big Buddha is a recent addition to the island of Phuket. Located on the top of the Nakkerd Hills, this immaculate structure is an absolute beauty. About forty-five meters high, this statue took about 30 million baht to establish. The view from a distance is gorgeous and stunning and very successfully it represents the culture of Thailand.

7. Phuket Fantasea Show:

The Phuket Fantasea Show of Phuket is fun and exciting. It is done by professionals and is truly very thrilling. Portrayed in Las Vegas style, the stage is full of elephants, trapeze artists and pyrotechnics. Combining the tradition, myths and fantasy of the Thai culture, this show is highly entertaining and very amusing.

8. Phi Phi Island:

Thailand is best known for its Phi Phi Island. Not only are they popular but have appeared several times in international movies. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing and the weather here is always balmy and light. The pristine waters, white sand and cool waves will make you fall in love with it at first sight. This island is definitely worth coming to and will surely not disappoint. This is one of the famous places to visit in Phuket.

9. Siam Safari:

If you are a nature lover and happen to be in Phuket, we offer you some of the best nature tours you shall ever experience. Just pick yourself a suitable hotel and come to the Siam Safari Elephant Camp located in the gorgeous hills of Chalong. Here you will have the opportunity to meet baby elephants, go for a nice ride on this magnificent creature and also learn about rubber collection! Truly, this place is amazing!

Hope you liked these tourist places in Phuket! Please share your opinion.

So,explore,enjoy,and experience phuket with a little bit help of us.

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