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Mumbai (मुंबई), a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of Maharashtra state.Tourist places in Mumbai was originally a conglomeration of seven islands on the Konkan coastline which over time were joined to form the island city of Bombay. The island was in turn joined with the neighboring island of Salsette to form Greater Bombay. The city has an estimated metropolitan population of 21 million (2005), making it one of the world’s most populous tourist places.

Mumbai is undoubtedly the commercial capital of India and is one of the predominant port cities in the country.Tourist places in Mumbai’s nature as the most eclectic and cosmopolitan Indian city is symbolized in the presence of Bollywood within the city, the centre of the globally-influential Hindi film and TV industries. It is also home to India’s largest slum population.

Quick Facts
GovernmentDistrict of Mumbai City & Capital of Maharashtra
CurrencyIndian rupee (INR)
Area4,355 km2(Metro incl.)
Population12,478,447 (2011 est.)
LanguageOfficial:Marathi / Hindi
Spoken:English, Marathi, Hindi etc.)
Electricity230V/50Hz, Indian (Old British)/European plugs
Time ZoneUTC+5:30

CLIMATE-Tourist places in Mumbai

Daily highs (°C)313133333332302930333332
Nightly lows (°C)161721242626252524232118
Precipitation (mm)120113574868553306631556
source Indian Meteorological Department

TRAVEL-You can come to your wonder city Tourist places in Mumbai via train flight and cab also.Here are some flight and train details for you so you haven’t any problem in further.

Sr. No.FlightOrigin/DestinationDateSCHActual TimeStatusTerm-
16E 297Nagpur29/04/202112:20Non OperationalT2
2G8 370Mangalore29/04/202112:2012:03Baggage HallT2
36E 488Bengaluru29/04/202112:2012:05Baggage HallT2
4AI 676Kolkata29/04/202112:25Non OperationalT2
5UK 995Delhi29/04/202112:35Non OperationalT2
62T 517Nanded29/04/202112:4011:36Baggage HallT2
7SG 281Jammu29/04/202112:40Non OperationalT2
86E 5518Delhi29/04/202112:45Non OperationalT2
96E 5399Dehradun29/04/202112:50Non OperationalT2
10AI 865Delhi29/04/202112:5512:51Baggage HallT2
11UK 772Kolkata29/04/202113:00Non OperationalT2
12G8 141Nagpur29/04/202113:10Non OperationalT2
13G8 338Delhi29/04/202113:10Non OperationalT2
146E 167Vadodara29/04/202113:1012:30Baggage HallT2
15SG 272Ranchi29/04/202113:1012:17Baggage HallT2
16SG 456Bengaluru29/04/202113:10Non OperationalT2
176E 331Mangalore29/04/202113:1512:55Baggage HallT2
18AI 626Lucknow29/04/202113:2512:33Baggage HallT2
19AI 646Jodhpur29/04/202113:3512:43Baggage HallT2
206E 6089Rajkot29/04/202113:40Non OperationalT2
216E 176Thiruvanathpuram29/04/202113:4013:09Baggage HallT2
226E 5567Jaipur29/04/202113:5013:28Baggage HallT2
23SG 283Kochi29/04/202113:50Non OperationalT2
24G8 382Chandigarh29/04/202113:55Non OperationalT2
25AI 648Jamnagar29/04/202113:55Non OperationalT2
26UK 945Delhi29/04/202114:00Non OperationalT2
27I5 337Bengaluru29/04/202114:05Non OperationalT2
286E 2348Delhi29/04/202114:05Non OperationalT2
29SG 386Gorakhpur29/04/202114:1013:38Baggage HallT2
30UK 878Hyderabad29/04/202114:20Non OperationalT2
31UK 826Chennai29/04/202114:30Non OperationalT2
326E 6047Goa29/04/202114:3014:07Baggage HallT2
33G8 332Goa29/04/202114:4014:43Baggage HallT2
34UK 842Goa29/04/202114:4514:16Baggage HallT2
356E 7291Hubli29/04/202114:45Non OperationalT2
366E 5374Patna29/04/202114:4514:19Baggage HallT2
376E 5514Calicut29/04/202114:5014:48Baggage HallT2
38SG 4010Delhi29/04/202114:50Non OperationalT2
39SG 750Srinagar29/04/202114:55Non OperationalT2
40SG 454Goa29/04/202114:55Non OperationalT2
419I 652Bhavnagar29/04/202114:55Non OperationalT2
42UK 993Delhi29/04/202115:0014:40Baggage HallT2
436E 793Bhubaneswar29/04/202115:1015:10Baggage HallT2
446E 748Udaipur29/04/202115:1514:59Baggage HallT2
456E 919Jodhpur29/04/202115:1514:45Baggage HallT2
466E 264Chandigarh29/04/202115:2014:56Baggage HallT2
47SG 290Dehradun29/04/202115:2515:47Baggage HallT2
48SG 3741KISHANGARH AIRPORT29/04/202115:30Non OperationalT2
49G8 350Varanasi29/04/202115:3015:39Baggage HallT2
502T 718Kolhapur29/04/202115:3514:53Baggage HallT2
516E 903Hyderabad29/04/202115:40Non OperationalT2
52AI 696Varanasi29/04/202115:4015:22Baggage HallT2
536E 896Madurai29/04/202115:4515:32Baggage HallT2
54SG 2871Delhi29/04/202115:50Non OperationalT2
55AI 612Jaipur29/04/202115:5015:16Baggage HallT2
56AI 679Mangalore29/04/202115:5515:02Baggage HallT2
57G8 307Lucknow29/04/202115:55Non OperationalT2
586E 5377Varanasi29/04/202115:5515:44Baggage HallT2
59UK 614Udaipur29/04/202116:00Non OperationalT2
60SG 284Patna29/04/202116:05Non OperationalT2
61UK 654Chandigarh29/04/202116:05Non OperationalT2
626E 678Lucknow29/04/202116:1516:37Baggage HallT2
636E 5303Vadodara29/04/202116:20Non OperationalT2
64AI 651Vishakhapatnam29/04/202116:2516:12Baggage HallT2
65SG 2403Adampur29/04/202116:35Non OperationalT2
66AI 664Goa29/04/202116:3516:20Baggage HallT2
672T 715Jalgaon29/04/202116:4017:00Non OperationalT2
686E 448Amritsar29/04/202116:5016:33Baggage HallT2
69SG 430Kanpur29/04/202116:50Non OperationalT2
706E 5915Allahabad29/04/202116:5016:15Baggage HallT2
71G8 352Patna29/04/202116:5516:53Baggage HallT2
726E 5345Kochi29/04/202117:0016:50Baggage HallT2
73AI 672Chennai29/04/202117:0516:30Baggage HallT2
746E 5389Nagpur29/04/202117:1517:02Baggage HallT2
75UK 844Goa29/04/202117:15Non OperationalT2
76SG 945Darbhanga29/04/202117:2016:46Baggage HallT2
77UK 876Hyderabad29/04/202117:2016:55Baggage HallT2
786E 957Indore29/04/202117:3517:29Baggage HallT2
796E 5325Hyderabad29/04/202117:35Non OperationalT2
80UK 824Chennai29/04/202117:3517:26Baggage HallT2
81UK 933Delhi29/04/202117:4017:21Baggage HallT2
826E 929Chennai29/04/202117:4017:42Baggage HallT2
836E 5306Goa29/04/202117:4517:34Baggage HallT2
846E 5071Delhi29/04/202117:5017:44Baggage HallT2
85I5 559Delhi29/04/202117:50Non OperationalT2
86AI 644Udaipur29/04/202117:5017:58ArrivedT2
87G8 337Lucknow29/04/202117:50Non OperationalT2
886E 545Gorakhpur29/04/202118:0517:56ArrivedT2
89SG 379Jharsuguda29/04/202118:05Non OperationalT2
90SG 3324Kandla29/04/202118:05Non OperationalT2
919I 651Bhavnagar29/04/202118:1017:47Baggage HallT2
929I 624Diu29/04/202118:10Non OperationalT2
93UK 850Bengaluru29/04/202118:1018:04ArrivedT2
94AI 636Indore29/04/202118:1517:51ArrivedT2
95G8 320Bengaluru29/04/202118:15Non OperationalT2
96UK 622Varanasi29/04/202118:2018:13LandedT2
97UK 926Ahmedabad29/04/202118:20Non OperationalT2
986E 6817Bengaluru29/04/202118:2518:06ArrivedT2
99G8 287Srinagar29/04/202118:25Non OperationalT2
1006E 5314Coimbatore29/04/202118:4018:25EstimatedT2
101UK 648Srinagar29/04/202118:40Non OperationalT2
1026E 983Bhopal29/04/202118:4518:21EstimatedT2
1036E 433SILCHAR29/04/202118:4518:28EstimatedT2
104G8 2606Goa29/04/202118:50Non OperationalT2
1056E 5115Delhi29/04/202118:50Non OperationalT2
106SG 479Gorakhpur29/04/202118:5518:29EstimatedT2
107UK 941Delhi29/04/202119:05Non OperationalT2
108SG 550Guwahati29/04/202119:10Non OperationalT2
1096E 5548Dehradun29/04/202119:1018:29EstimatedT2
110SG 487Goa29/04/202119:10Non OperationalT2
111AI 656Rajkot29/04/202119:1518:46EstimatedT2
1126E 6811Ahmedabad29/04/202119:30Non OperationalT2
1136E 5312Hyderabad29/04/202119:40ScheduledT2
114AI 773Kolkata29/04/202119:45Non OperationalT2
1156E 738Bengaluru29/04/202119:45Non OperationalT2
116SG 247Varanasi29/04/202119:50ScheduledT2
1176E 468Goa29/04/202119:50Non OperationalT2
1186E 2355Delhi29/04/202120:00Non OperationalT2
119G8 1304Chennai29/04/202120:00Non OperationalT2
1206E 753Udaipur29/04/202120:00Non OperationalT2
121UK 955Delhi29/04/202120:05ScheduledT2
122SG 752Darbhanga29/04/202120:10Non OperationalT2
1236E 5396Chennai29/04/202120:10ScheduledT2
124UK 776Kolkata29/04/202120:20Non OperationalT2
1256E 6087Kolkata29/04/202120:20ScheduledT2
1266E 559Jammu29/04/202120:25ScheduledT2
1276E 5382Bhubaneswar29/04/202120:25Non OperationalT2
1286E 6128Bengaluru29/04/202120:35Non OperationalT2
1296E 5358Raipur29/04/202120:35ScheduledT2
130G8 2608Jaipur29/04/202120:4520:45EstimatedT2
131SG 635Bengaluru29/04/202120:55ScheduledT2
132SG 8709Delhi29/04/202121:05ScheduledT2
133G8 537Bagdogra29/04/202121:10Non OperationalT2
1346E 5624Nagpur29/04/202121:10ScheduledT2
135G8 2604Pune29/04/202121:10Non OperationalT2
136AI 624Delhi29/04/202121:15ScheduledT2
137UK 977Delhi29/04/202121:15Non OperationalT2
138AI 670Bhubaneswar29/04/202121:2017:13Baggage HallT2
1396E 5515Patna29/04/202121:20ScheduledT2
140G8 396Lucknow29/04/202121:2021:10EstimatedT2
141SG 3745Belgaum29/04/202121:25ScheduledT2
1426E 5344Varanasi29/04/202121:30ScheduledT2
143SG 237Jaipur29/04/202121:35Non OperationalT2
144AI 441Delhi29/04/202121:35Non OperationalT2
145AI 610Bengaluru29/04/202121:35Non OperationalT2
146UK 652Chandigarh29/04/202121:35Non OperationalT2
1476E 6602Chandigarh29/04/202121:40ScheduledT2
1486E 587Indore29/04/202121:40Non OperationalT2
1496E 387Chennai29/04/202121:40Non OperationalT2
150G8 388Ranchi29/04/202121:45ScheduledT2
151G8 323Delhi29/04/202121:50Non OperationalT2
1526E 5162Delhi29/04/202121:50ScheduledT2
153SG 8169Delhi29/04/202122:05Non OperationalT2
154AI 805Delhi29/04/202122:10ScheduledT2
1556E 891Lucknow29/04/202122:10ScheduledT2
156G8 512Kolkata29/04/202122:1019:10EstimatedT2
157G8 345Kochi29/04/202122:15Non OperationalT2
158SG 638Ahmedabad29/04/202122:20Non OperationalT2
1599I 658Goa29/04/202122:25ScheduledT2
160G8 2507Chandigarh29/04/202122:30Non OperationalT2
1616E 584Bengaluru29/04/202122:35ScheduledT2
162UK 953Delhi29/04/202122:50Non OperationalT2
163UK 981Delhi29/04/202122:55Non OperationalT2
1646E 5625Delhi29/04/202123:00ScheduledT2
165AI 630Nagpur29/04/202123:05ScheduledT2
1666E 577Jaipur29/04/202123:05Non OperationalT2
1676E 5363Mangalore29/04/202123:10ScheduledT2
168SG 250Mangalore29/04/202123:15Non OperationalT2
169SG 377Patna29/04/202123:20Non OperationalT2
170G8 330Delhi29/04/202123:20Non OperationalT2
171AI 732Patna29/04/202123:25ScheduledT2
172AI 632Bhopal29/04/202123:25ScheduledT2
173UK 866Bengaluru29/04/202123:25Non OperationalT2
174AI 698Hyderabad29/04/202123:30ScheduledT2
175AI 653Vishakhapatnam29/04/202123:45Non OperationalT2
176SG 612Chennai29/04/202123:50Non OperationalT2
177SG 355Durgapur29/04/202123:55Non OperationalT2
1786E 884Tirupati30/04/202100:20ScheduledT2
179AI 697Goa30/04/202100:35Non OperationalT2
1806E 6092Bengaluru30/04/202100:50ScheduledT2
181SG 442Goa30/04/202100:55Non OperationalT2
182G8 380Goa30/04/202101:10Non OperationalT2
183AI 863Delhi30/04/202101:15Non OperationalT2
1846E 235Vishakhapatnam30/04/202101:20ScheduledT2
185AI 686Amritsar30/04/202101:55Non OperationalT2
186G8 3008Goa30/04/202104:10Non OperationalT2
187G8 368Kannur30/04/202104:40ScheduledT2

Mumbai Cst Train Station

  • CodeCSTM
  • CityMumbai
  • StateMaharashtra

Mumbai is a city in the state of Maharashtra, located in the region of India.

If traveling to this city is what you are thinking about, then Cleartrip will guide you. Traveling to Mumbai is easy thanks to the railway connectivity. Book your railway tickets conveniently with just a few taps on the Cleartrip app or website.Tourist places in Mumbai

The station of the city is named as MUMBAI CST and its station code is CSTM. The station takes care of all the basic amenities of the passengers.

The station is well-connected to a number of Indian cities. Some of the major routes include to the places of Kanpur Central, Lucknow Nr, and Howrah Jn. There are 2 weekly trains connecting Kanpur Central to Mumbai, 7 weekly trains connecting Lucknow Nr to Mumbai, and 1 weekly trains connecting Howrah Jn to Mumbai.Tourist places in Mumbai

Some of the popular trains traveling to Mumbai are Punjab Mail(12137) to Firozpur Cant operating 7 times a week, Krmi Ac Premium(02003) to Goa operating 7 times a week, and Sewagram Exp(12139) to Balharshah operating 7 times a week. Traveling in one of these trains will be a memorable experience.

The attractions of Mumbai are many. As soon as you enter the city, you may begin your tour as there are varied points of interest located near the Mumbai station itself.Tourist places in Mumbai

Train name (no.) passing via
Mumbai Cst
ArrivesDepartsStop timeMTWTFSS
Latur Cstm Express (12528)08:00EndsYYYYYYY
Cstm Latur Express (12527)Starts21:00YYYYYYY
Indrayani Express (22106)21:55EndsYYYYYYY
Cstm Garibrath (02187)12:15EndsNNYNNNN
Jbp Garibrath S (02188)Starts13:30NNNYNNN
Pune Nzm Special (01077)00:0012:25745 minNYNNNNN
Bsb Cstm Special (01080)23:30EndsNNNNNNY
Bbs Cstm Special (01020)01:00EndsNYNNNNN
Madgaon Express (06001)02:2802:302 minNNNNNNY
Madgaon Express (06001)02:5302:552 minNNNNNNY
Lttvlnk Special (01029)00:0011:30690 minNYNNNNN
Bsb Cstm Special (01030)23:40EndsNNNYNNN
Cstm Mao Special (01033)Starts00:20YYYNYYY
Panchavti Express (12110)10:45EndsYYYYYYY
Cstm Jbp Superfast Special (01701)Starts13:30NNNNNNY
Nagpur Duronto (12289)Starts20:15YYYYYYY
Ngp Cstm Duront (12290)07:55EndsYYYYYYY
Deccan Queen (12123)Starts17:10YYYYYYY
Deccan Queen (12124)10:25EndsYYYYYYY
Hwh Cstm Duront (12262)10:30EndsYYYNYNN
Howrah Duronto (12261)Starts17:15NYYYNNY
Cstm Nagpur Special (01013)Starts00:20NNNNNNY
Ngp Cstm Special (01014)08:15EndsNNNNNNY
Cstm Bsb Special (01027)Starts12:25NNNNNNY
Bsb Cstm Special (01028)23:30EndsYNNNNNN
Cnb Cstm Special (04153)23:00EndsNNYNNNN
Pnbe Cstm Special (01054)06:05EndsNNNNNNY
Husainsagar Express (12701)Starts21:50YYYYYYY
Bsb Teachers Special (01075)Starts12:25NNYNNNN
Teachers Special (01076)23:30EndsNNNYNNN
Ypr Mrj Express (06589)23:3000:0030 minNNNNYNN
Bangalore Express (06590)00:0005:00300 minYNNNNNN
Cstm Ganpati Special (01034)04:35EndsYYYNYYY
Karmali Shatabdi Special (02001)Starts05:00NNNNYNN
Cstm Shatabdi Special (02002)17:50EndsNNNNNYN
Hussainsagar Express (12702)04:55EndsYYYYYYY
Devagiri Express (17058)07:10EndsYYYYYYY
Tapovan Express (17618)21:50EndsYYYYYYY
Punjab Mail (12138)07:35EndsYYYYYYY
Indrayani Express (22105)Starts05:40YYYYYYY
Bb Bjp Fast Passenger (51029)Starts22:55YYYNNNY
Sinhagad Express (11009)Starts14:30YYYYYYY
Deccan Express (11007)Starts07:00YYYYYYY
Deccan Express (11008)19:35EndsYYYYYYY
Sinhagad Express (11010)09:53EndsYYYYYYY
Sahyadri Express (11023)Starts17:50YYYYYYY
Sahyadri Express (11024)11:50EndsYYYYYYY
Koyna Express (11030)20:15EndsYYYYYYY
Koyna Express (11029)Starts08:40YYYYYYY
Mahanagari Express (11094)14:15EndsYYYYYYY
Siddheswar Express (12116)06:50EndsYYYYYYY
Siddheshwar Express (12115)Starts22:45YYYYYYY
Pragati Express (12126)11:15EndsYYYYYYY
Pragati Express (12125)Starts16:25YYYYYYY
Intercity Express (12128)21:05EndsYYYYYYY
Udyan Express (11301)Starts08:05YYYYYYY
Mahalaxmi Express (17411)Starts20:23YYYYYYY
Mahalaxmi Express (17412)07:25EndsYYYYYYY
Chennai Mail (11027)Starts23:45YYYYYYY
Cstm Chennai Express (11041)Starts14:00YYYYYYY
Panchavati Express (12109)Starts18:15YYYYYYY
Sewagram Express (12140)12:00EndsYYYYYYY
Udyan Express (11302)19:50EndsYYYYYYY
Tapovan Express (17617)Starts06:15YYYYYYY
Mumbai Mail (11028)03:45EndsYYYYYYY
Bjp Bb Fast Passenger (51030)04:10EndsYYYYNNN
Mahanagari Express (11093)Starts00:10YYYYYYY
Rajendra Ngr Express (12141)Starts23:25YYYYYYY
Mumbai Express (11042)13:35EndsYYYYYYY
Mandovi Express (10103)Starts07:10YYYYYYY
Konkan Kanya Express (10111)Starts23:05YYYYYYY
Mandovi Express (10104)21:40EndsYYYYYYY
Rjpb Cstm Express (12142)15:30EndsYYYYYYY
Trivandram Express (16331)Starts12:10YNNNNNN
Konark Express (11020)03:55EndsYYYYYYY
Vidarbha Express (12106)07:00EndsYYYYYYY
Gitanjali Express (12860)21:20EndsYYYYYYY
Hwh Mumbai Mail (12810)05:20EndsYYYYYYY
Mumbai Express (17032)13:05EndsYYYYYYY
Mangalore Express (12133)Starts22:00YYYYYYY
Hwh Mumbai Mail (12321)11:25EndsYYYYYYY
Nagarcoil Express (16351)Starts12:10NYNNNYN
Devagiri Express (17057)Starts21:10YYYYYYY
Konark Express (11019)Starts15:10YYYYYYY
Howrah Mail (12809)Starts20:35YYYYYYY
Gitanjali Express (12859)Starts06:00YYYYYYY
Cstm Amravati E (12111)Starts20:05YYYYYYY
Shirdi Fast Passenger (51033)Starts22:55YYYYYYY
Cape Mumbai Express (16382)04:40EndsYYYYYYY
Cstm Fast Passenger (51034)04:10EndsYYYYYYY
Amravati Cstm E (12112)06:25EndsYYYYYYY
Vidarbha Express (12105)Starts19:10YYYYYYY
Nagarcoil Express (16339)Starts12:10NNYYYNY
Mumbai Garibrat (12187)12:15EndsYNYNYNN
Solapur Cstm Express (11306)05:10EndsYYNYYYY
Cstm Asansol Express (12362)Starts11:05NNYNNNN
Ncj Mumbai Express (16352)20:50EndsNNNYNNY
Jbp Garib Rath (12188)Starts13:30NYNYNYN
Cstm Solapur Express (11305)Starts21:20YYYNYYY
Hyderabad Express (17031)Starts12:45YYYYYYY
Fast Passenger (51028)04:10EndsNNNNYYY
Fast Passenger (51027)Starts22:55NNNYYYN
Mumbai Express (12134)04:25EndsYYYYYYY
Cstm Latur Express (22107)Starts21:00YYYYYYY
Latur Cstm Express (22108)08:05EndsYYYYYYY
Intercity Express (12127)Starts06:40YYYYYYY
Pushpak Express (12533)20:05EndsYYYYYYY
Asn Cstm Express (12361)06:15EndsNNNNNNY
Kolkata Mail (12322)Starts21:30YYYYYYY
Hte Cstm Superfast Special (02084)13:50EndsNNYNNNN
Pushpak Express (12534)Starts08:20YYYYYYY
Nandigram Express (11401)Starts16:35YYYYYYY
Nandigram Express (11402)05:35EndsYYYYYYY
Kanyakumari Express (16381)Starts15:45YYYYYYY
Howrah Superfast Express (12869)Starts11:05NNNNNNY
Mumbai Express (16340)20:50EndsYYYNYNN
Sewagram Express (12139)Starts15:00YYYYYYY
Konkan Kanya Express (10112)05:50EndsYYYYYYY
Mumbai Express (16332)20:50EndsNNNNNYN
Hwh Cstm Express (12870)23:15EndsNNNNYNN
Punjab Mail (12137)Starts19:40YYYYYYY
Ltt Gkp Express (11079)21:1821:202 minNNNYNNN
Ltt Gkp Express (11079)21:3021:333 minNNNYNNN
Ltt Gkp Express (11079)22:0522:105 minNNNYNNN
Shramjeevi Express (12391)08:3608:371 minYYYYYYY
Lku Asr Express (14615)06:4606:482 minNNNNNYN
Af Rmr Express (15055)18:1518:172 minNNYNNNN
Porvotr S Kranti (15601)22:0022:055 minYNNNNNN
Kyq Mzs Ic Express (15613)02:0802:091 minYYYYYYY
Ghy Nhln I C Express (15617)05:04EndsYYYYYYY
Kcg Nrkr Express (17641)21:2321:241 minNYYYYYY
Kcg Nrkr Express (17641)21:3221:342 minNYYYYYY
Kcg Nrkr Express (17641)22:0922:112 minNYYYYYY
Kcg Nrkr Express (17641)22:2022:222 minNYYYYYY
Kcg Nrkr Express (17641)22:3622:371 minNYYYYYY
Suvidha Train (22355)16:05EndsNNYNNNY
Suvidha Express (22356)Starts11:05NYNNYNN
Bpq Wr Passenger (51196)12:00EndsYYYYYYY
Pune Nzb Passenger (51421)08:5208:531 minYYYYYYY
Pune Nzb Passenger (51421)09:2609:271 minYYYYYYY
Nzb Pvr Passenger (51433)04:0704:081 minYYYYYYY
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Marine Drive (22 km from Mumbai Airport)

Marine Drive (22 km from Mumbai Airport)

Popularly referred to as the Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive is a 4 km long promenade located in South Bombay. One of the most beautiful roads in Mumbai, a birds-eye view of this stretch looks magnificent at night with the lights making the entirety resemble a queen’s necklace. This beautiful place in Mumbai comes alive in the evenings when people relax and admire the brilliant view or take a walk on the promenade overlooking the Arabian Sea that is surprisingly therapeutic to the soul. Chai-wallas, chat-wallas are added bonuses to the place making it another must-visit tourist place as well as an important part of the Mumbai nightlife.

Large groups of people are seen crowding the place to walk along the lovely walkway and to witness the dazzling sight of the setting sun at nightfall. The splendidly lined palm trees offer its guests an exciting background. Marine Drive is also alluded to as ‘Queen’s necklace’, due to the streetlights that make the road look like a string of pearls and create an illusion of a necklace. Marine Drive is considered as the best pathway for a night walk.

Highlights: Witness the shining waters of the Arabian Sea and the astonishing frosty breeze stroking your hair alongside a long cluster of restaurants offering scrumptious snacks and beverages will definitely make your evening special. For the elderly one can visit Nana-Nani Park which is one of the popular Mumbai tourist attractions these days. The 3 km long Marine Drive is a characteristic cove and furthermore frames a bit of the well-known horizon of Mumbai. It approaches a portion of the major corporate focuses, diversion exercises and furthermore places of excitement.Distance from Mumbai Airport: 22 km

Entrance fee: The entry is free of cost.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004, India
Timing: Always Open

Insider Tips: 
Marine drive is also one of the best places to explore in Mumbai. This place is known as an inspiration for artists, musicians and poets who come here. Spend some time along with your friends while sipping a cup of tea and staring at the distant sea.

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Best Activities to Do in MumbaiRead More02

Gateway of India (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

Gateway of India (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

One of the most distinguishing landmarks that signify the city, the Gateway of India came into existence in the year 1924 during the British Raj to celebrate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay. The structure marks the area as one of India’s major ports which formally symbolised elements of British grandeur. Located in the waterfront area of Apollo Bunder, today it is one of the most popular tourist places in Mumbai for people from all over the globe who flock just for a glance at this monument.

The Gateway of India is a landmark that denotes India’s main ports and is a noteworthy vacation destination for guests who touch base in India surprisingly. At a certain point in time, this landmark spoke to the greatness of the British Raj in India. A most loved spot for visitors, these days, and this landmark pulls in vendors, food stalls and also the photography buffs. The passing of the First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry; was recorded as the primary headliner that occurred at the Gateway of India.

The design plan of the Gateway of India is constituted of a vast curve, with tallness of 26m. The landmark is worked in yellow basalt and insoluble cement. The basic arrangement of Gateway of India is outlined in the Indo-Saracenic style.

One can also discover hints of Muslim building styles joined in the structure of the pretentious building. The focal arch of the landmark is around 48 feet in the distance across, with an aggregate stature of 83 feet. Planned with multifaceted latticework, the 4 turrets are the noticeable components of the whole structure of the Gateway of India.
There are steps developed behind the curve of the Gateway that prompts the Arabian Sea. The landmark is organized such that one can witness the vast breadth of the blue blanket right ahead, welcoming and sending off ships and visitors.
Distance from Mumbai Airport: 25 km

Entrance fee: 
The entry is free of cost.

Location: Gateway of India is located at Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week

Insider Tips: This time, while you visit and explore the amazing picnic spot in Mumbai, don’t miss your chance to taste from the local street food which is very popular here. Head out for a stroll near the tall amazing gate and click some memorable pictures with the stunning background as the sunset.

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Sailing in Mumbai | Book Online & Get 2700 Cashback!

Sailing in Mumbai | Book Online & Get 2700 Cashback!

552 Ratings

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Colaba Causeway Market (26 km from Mumbai Airport)

Colaba Causeway Market (26 km from Mumbai Airport)

From cheap road garments to in vogue boutiques, this path, which houses old structures from the British Raj, has it all. Colaba Causeway, also known as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is one of the best places in Mumbai for shopping and is a business road, and a noteworthy thoroughfare or land connect amongst Colaba and the Old Woman’s Island in the city of Mumbai, India. While you can walk around the trails and search for garments, shoes, totes, and even gems in the most recent plans, you can likewise venture into one of the boutiques and take a gander at stunning decorations, garments, and so forth.

The road merchants offer the most recent form at disposable costs, which can be expected all things considered. It is constantly great to invest some energy here; you never realise what take you will discover.  You may locate the “fixed rate” board composed of the city side shops yet one should know how to deal and cut down the cost. It resembles an extremely normal Indian Road bazaar. In the event that you investigate more, you can likewise get your name composed of a rice grain or, can get it engraved on a memento.

Highlights:With the Gateway adjacent and the ocean holding your back, one can take a day away from work for trinket shopping and shabby Indian antiques, the whole mess of urban Indian lifestyle.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 26 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee: No fee

Opens from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Colaba Causeway market is located at Bakery Ln, Army Area, Nofra, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005

Insider Tips: 
If you are looking for some good shopping spot in Mumbai then Colaba Causeway Market is the perfect place for you. Show your shopping skills while bargaining here at the market and buy some of the amazing stuffs here. You can also taste parsi, sindhi and european food here.

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Read MoreTrekkingExplore All (87)P43x7m3ko68s15v4kp3owgprsswk 1556005073 1499670644 stairway.pngBOOKINGS ENABLED

  • 2D/1N
  • Lonavala

Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping

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  • 1D
  • Pune

Andharban Trek

265 Ratings₹ 1,500₹ 1,240Book NowKalsubai TrekBOOKINGS ENABLED

  • 1D/1N
  • Igatpuri

Kalsubai Trek | Kalsubai Sunrise Trek

858 Ratings₹ 750₹ 419Book Now04

Juhu Beach (6 Km from Mumbai Airport)

Juhu Beach (6 Km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit : chetan gurav -Flickr

Juhu can be defined as one of the largest and most sought after beaches in India. It is a hot-spot for elite celebrity homes and film personality sightings located in the suburbs of the city making it one of the most eminent tourist places to visit in Mumbai. Visitors all over the country love the beach for it is also a gastronomic paradise hosting stalls that serve up platters of lip-smacking street food. The sandy delight is most crowded during weekends where people can get entertained by horse and donkey rides, dancing monkeys, toy sellers and other kinds of amusement.

Sightseers visit this shoreline in view of its serene climate and its grand excellence. Juhu Beach is additionally well known for its nearby indulgences and road nourishment. The sustenance slows down to set up here offer incredible cooking styles and nibbles things. Individuals in Mumbai visit this shoreline to unwind and appreciate the dreary day. This is one of the most famous Mumbai tourist places.

Highlights: Soak in the dreamy sunset during the evening the huge Arabian Sea, is a fantasy like the vision for any individual who visits the shoreline. The road nourishments, like ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ are quite recently a portion of the numerous delights offered at the shoreline slows down. One can also visit the celebrated Italian restaurants here like Little Italy, Mangi Ferra, Don Giovanni, Penne, et cetera.

Prominent ocean bottom claims to fame are served at these quality eateries sited close to the Juhu Beach. Here, one can visit bars and discotheques that are the adolescent joints of the zone.  The ‘Gandhi Gram’ is situated at the north end of the shoreline, which is a place where youngsters regularly make the most of their late spring excursions playing sports like b-ball, cricket, and football.

Distance from Mumbai: Juhu Beach is around 5.9 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fee

Location:  Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400049, India

Timings: Always Open

Insider Tips: 
There is no doubt that Juhu beach is indeed a great hangout spot in Mumbai. While you are spending some awesome time with your friends at this beachhead out to the nearby beach stalls here. Try the exotic ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ once and you will definitely go for a second time again.  Also, explore the statues of freedom fighters and other important figures here. What’s more, you can always jog along the sand to burn those extra calories.

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Mumbai Tour Package (Half Day) - Flat 25% Off

Mumbai Tour Package (Half Day) – Flat 25% Off

162 Ratings

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Siddhivinayak Temple (11 km from Mumbai Airport)

Siddhivinayak Temple (11 km from Mumbai Airport)

A Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Shri Ganesh is a standing testament to beauty and architecture. Constructed in 1801, the temple entertains thousands of devotees every single day. Even Bollywood celebrities, as well as other prominent figures, climb up to the temple to seek blessings and offer prayers to Lord Ganesha that is its magnetism. In all, the temple is definitely among the popular tourist places to visit in Mumbai.

The Siddhivinayak Mandir evolved from a little place of worship to the Grand Temple that stands today in the later 50% of the twentieth century. Temple glory was purchased not just by the lawmakers who frequented the sanctuary additionally Bollywood film stars who ceaselessly visit to look for the gifts of Lord Ganesha. Siddhivinayak is notable as “Navasacha Ganapati” or “Navasala Pavanara Ganapati” among devotees.

It was Constructed on 19 November 1801, the first structure of the Siddhivinayak Temple was a little 3.6 m x 3.6 m square block structure with an arch molded block shikhara. The sanctuary was worked by the temporary worker Laxman Vithu Patil. The building was financed by a rich Agri lady named Deubai Patil. Childless, Deaubai manufactured the sanctuary so that the Lord should concede youngsters to other infertile ladies. Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj, a supporter of the Hindu holy person Akkalkot Swami Samarth, covered two divine idols in the front of the directing god of the temple on the requests on his master.

Highlights: As forecasted by Swami Samarth, following 21 years after the internment of the symbols, a Mandar tree developed at that spot with a svayambhu Ganesha in its branches. The 2550 temple complex had two 3.6 m Deepamalas, a rest house and living quarters for the overseer. It had a bordering lake 30 x 40 sq. m. in the measure on the eastern and southern sides of the sanctuary.The lake, dug by Nardulla in the mid-nineteenth century to counter the shortage of water, was topped off in the later years and the land is currently not some portion of the sanctuary complex. Around 1952, a little Hanuman place of worship was worked in the temple complex for the Hanuman symbol that was found amid the street expansion venture of Sayani Road close Elphinstone Road.

Distance from Mumbai Airport :  11 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance fee: There are no entrance fees for entering the temple. The devotees can pay something of their own.

Location: Siddhivinayak Temple is located at S.K.Bole Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Insider Tips: The very well known Siddhivinayak Temple is another Mumbai tourist attractions that attracts a lot of people. If you are visiting the temple try to reach the temple by 4.30 AM for Morning Arti so that you avoid long queues. There is also another special queue for senior citizens.  Try to visit the temple during weekdays and also be careful with the children.

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Haji Ali (17 km from Mumbai Airport)

Haji Ali (17 km from Mumbai Airport)

A paramount religious site and one of the best places for sightseeing in Mumbai, Haji Ali is situated 500 yards from the shoreline in the middle of the Arabian Sea that houses the tomb of Muslim Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. This 400-year-old structure is not just marveled at for its intricate Indo-Islamic architecture; it is also a popular place of worship for people. Moreover, the local stalls outside the dynamic complex house some of the most delectable cuisines and specialties you can gorge on. It is a prominent stop on the Western line of the Mumbai local train hence making it easily accessible to the public.

The structure of Haji Ali was on an arrangement of high rising rocks and was given its present day shape in the mid-nineteenth century after the Trust was lawfully framed as an element in 1916. Haji Ali Dargah is the complex that holds the tomb of the Muslim Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.). Alongside the tomb, there is likewise a Masjid at Haji Ali. This landmark has been the sentinel to the shores of Mumbai for quite a while. The structure has white vaults and minarets reminiscent of the Mughal architecture of the period and is a prominent historical monument of Mumbai

Highlights: The Dargah is a renowned pilgrimage site of the Muslims. Non-Muslims are additionally permitted to visit the Dargah. The white-hued structure draws in guests in huge numbers. Around 10-15 thousand individuals visit the Dargah day by day. The number of devotees increases to 20-30 thousand, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Lakhs of devotees visit the Dargah on the second day of Ramadhan Eid and Bakri (Eid-ul- Uzha), and amid which the pathway prompting the Dargah Complex resembles a Sea of Humanity.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 17 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance  Fee: No entry fee

Haji Ali is located at Dargah Rd, Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timings: 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

Insider Tips: Mumbai city has been always a fascination for all. While you are in Mumbai and visiting Haji Ali you will see the Dargah Complex. Lure your taste buds with some Kebabs, Mughlai Biryani, Hyderabadi fast food. Also, don’t miss your chance to witness the stunning sunset from Haji Ali Dargah.

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Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

Hanging Gardens is 138 years old garden located on the western side of the Malabar Hills. It is a man-made terrace garden built on multi-level stone terraces owing to its name. The garden is covered with numerous trees, shrubs, and an array of colorful flowers. There are many hedges carved into various shapes of animals. One would love to spend some cherishable time in silence with themselves or friends and family. 

Although it is one of the favorite spots of the locals but it is still quite calm and away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. People like to come here for morning walks, jogs, and exercise as the environment is cleaner and greener than other areas. 

People come here to rejuvenate amidst the lap of nature and watch one of the perfect sunsets of Mumbai behind the enormous Arabian Sea. Not only that, but the place gives excellent views of South Mumbai, its beaches, and the very elegant Queen’s Necklace. 

If you come in the morning, then you can enjoy the views of the tall buildings in the foggy days, and as the day passes and the dusk draws upon, the views of the city lights will astound you with their charm. You can capture all these scenarios in a frame and hang it on the wall of your perfect experiences.

Location: Ridge Rd, Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006

Timings: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm

Price: The entry in the Gardens is free of cost.
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Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves are a major attraction in Mumbai because of its archaeological significance. This is where the caves are located, must have seen early settlements from 2nd century BC. The caves, however, are estimated to have been constructed sometime between 5th and 6th century AD.

One of the biggest caves here measures about 39 metres from the front to the back. The main body of the Elephanta Cave is about 27 square meters, supported by six rows of pillars. The caves show distinct artistic features from the time of its construction.

The caves feature rock-cut architecture, which makes the entire layout of the caves very interesting. The Elephanta Caves have a combination of sculpture art and aesthetic beauty carved into the rock formations.

This is what makes it popular among archaeologists as well as historians, who wish to find out more about the natives who moved on the Gharapuri Island (Elephanta Caves) in 2nd century BC. Come here to experience the ruins of an ancient world on the Elephanta Island, and see the caves and sculptures in their natural surroundings.

Location: Gharapuri, Maharashtra 

Best Time to visit: 

Entry fee:
 INR 10 (Indian), INR 250 (foreigner), free (child)


Distance from Mumbai Bus Stand: 
7.3 km from MSRTC Mumbai CentralRead More

Top Experiences To Do in Elephanta Caves

Speed boating to Mandhwa or Elephanta Caves near Mumbai

Speed boating to Mandhwa or Elephanta Caves near Mumbai

39 Ratings

  • Mumbai

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Chowpatty Beach (20 km from Mumbai Airport)

Chowpatty Beach (20 km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit : Edward Morgan-Flickr

Towards the northern end of Marine Drive lies one of the most seasoned seafronts called Chowpatty Beach, which is acclaimed for its bazaars and dinners.  Here one can find hundreds of salesmen are seen walking over the shoreline to sell various items of things, particularly on Sunday nighttimes.

One can see stalls highlighting fast food and snacks, like Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, and so forth are set up in the territory each and every day. Going further down the path, is Walkeshwar, an exceptionally well-off and elegant range that gets its name from the popular and very loved Walkeshwar Temple.

Keeping in mind the end goal to see the most extreme festival soul of the Mumbai’s group on this shoreline, the ideal time to visit is amid Ganesh Chathurthi, the greatest occasion of just for the city and state by and large. One can discover beach vendors selling toys and local dishes like spicy raw mango, roasted peanuts and Mumbai fast-food (or chaats).

Travellers who visit Mumbai make it a point to visit this shoreline to encounter the quiet and peaceful climate. People come here with their loved ones to spend a few hours on this unwinding spot. A walk around Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach will promise you an affair of a lifetime.

Highlights: While at the beach one can also see snake-charmers who entertain the crowds with their antics. A few of you who are interested to know about your fortune can reach the fortune-tellers there. Also, the people who head to the beach enjoy the horse ride, camel ride by the seashore. The beaches in Mumbai are an ideal place to perform Yoga “Asanas” and to go for runs. The merry-go-rounds, ferry wheels, Beebee weapon shooting exhibitions on the shoreline are fun open doors for the kids to invest incredible energy. One may even witness a film shooting or a road play being performed in this awesome shoreline.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 20 Km

Entrance fee: The entry is free of cost.

Location: Northern end of Marine Drive, South Mumbai

Timing: Always Open

Insider Tips: 
Another favourite place in Mumbai which is visited by a lot of people is Chowpatty Beach. Known for as the favourite shooting spot, one can also get a chance to enjoy a street play here. One can also head out for horse and camel rides here. Don’t forget to taste the local dishes like spicy raw mango, roasted peanuts and Mumbai fast-food.

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Mumbai Food Tour | Book Online & Get 1200 Cashabck!

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Worli Seaface (14 km from Mumbai Airport)

Worli Seaface (14 km from Mumbai Airport)

A favourite hangout situated south of the picturesque Sea link from Bandra, Worli Seaface is another one of Bombay’s promenades. It is one of the top places in the city for one to experience the epic monsoons that offer a remarkable view of the angry waves rising up onto the road. The magnificent view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link is another beautiful places in Mumbai that must not be missed.

The Worli-Bandra Sealink which is generally called the Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu is found on Worli Sea Face. It interfaces the island of Worli to Bandra over the Arabian Sea. This place is an outright shocker on the off chance that you are searching for the places to see and is a famous place to visit in Mumbai for couples  

The Worli Sea confront is the favoured place to remain of the Rich and Famous of Mumbai. The territory extends from Worli Fort in the north to Narayan Pujari in the south. Worli Seaface has been an astoundingly beautiful purpose of enthusiasm for a considerable length of time and is an extremely well-known shooting area for Indian Movies.

Highlights: One of the busiest out of all the Mumbai tourist attractions is the promenade at the Seaface. It is ideal for Morning or Evening walks. Amid a tempest, the waves will surge into the terrain making an exciting environment that makes hundreds of people visit this place even during bad weather.

Distance from Mumbai: Worli Seaface is located at a distance of 13.4 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fee

Location: Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400030, India

Always open.

Insider Tips: 
If you are looking for some refreshing jog in the morning then head out to Worli Seaface. This whole place can be best enjoyed during the monsoons.

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Helicopter Ride in Mumbai | Get 33% off

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Essel World

Essel World

Located in the beautiful coastal village of Gorai in Mumbai, Essel World happens to be one of the largest amusement parks in India. For over two decades, this recreational hub has been the pioneer in rendering entertainment and leisure to its visitors from all over the globe. 

Owned by EsselWorld Leisure Private Ltd., the amusement center has been exquisitely built over sprawling acres of land and brings to you numerous exciting rides, different theme parks, dancing zones, gaming facilities, and several other entertaining activities.

Alongside, lies the Water Kingdom which serves as an ideal summer destination. It attracts visitors from all over the country across different age groups and offers them a sheer pleasure. There are rides for all age groups and a visit to Essel World will certainly not be disappointing for you. The beautifully designed theme park with its impressive landscaped interiors is sure to leave you in absolute awe. 

Gorai Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091.

10.30 am to 6.30 pm daily. However, hours might differ on weekends.

 Adult and child entry fee costs Rs 390. The entry price to the water park ranges between Rs 865 to Rs 1710 according to age and height.
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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a historic railway station and headquarters to the Central Railways. Built in May 1888, the place is popular for its wonderful architecture.  This Place is Mumbai’s point of interest among youngster.

 The site is a fine illustration of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture in the country. It is operated by Central Railway Zone of India having 18 platforms in total. The main highlight of this station was the filming of the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2015 and also in the movie “Ra-One”. It was also featured in, World’s Busiest Railway 2015, a show aired on BBC Two.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: It is 25 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee: 
No Entry Fee

 It is located at D.N Road, Mumbai.

Timings: Always Open

Insider Tips: It is one of the most Busiest Railway, Therefore expect a huge rush on anytime you visit Read MoreGoa

Best ofGoa

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Goregaon Film City (14 km from Mumbai Airport)

Goregaon Film City (14 km from Mumbai Airport)

The Film City is one of the main highlights of Mumbai thus making it one of the most favorite tourist places to visit in Mumbai. Well-equipped with a multitude of studios that house artificial mountains, lakes, gardens, cities, and villages, which make it difficult to distinguish real from fake, the film city is a dream world for tourists everywhere.

Built by Dada Saheb Phalke under the renowned veteran actor, director V. Shantaram, the film city dating back to the early 20th century resides in the outskirts of Goregaon near the Borivali National Park. The Film City is built by the Maharashtra Government which gives an extensive variety of concessions and offices to the film business

It is accepted to be one of the biggest on the planet and a fascination in itself. Its contamination-free foundation, tranquil condition, and enormous open space give individuals of all age gatherings to meander around in peace and respect and welcome every most recent improvement and advancements place congruously in one place. While you are visiting the film city there will be various full day as well as half-day Bollywood tours which will be given to you.

All the tours show different clippings from Bollywood motion pictures, dubbing acts, light and sound experience and so on. Diversely evaluated tickets are charged for various visits and Indian and remote nationals.

Highlights: There are various tours available to visit Film City like Dream Tour, Studio Tour, and Live Show Tour.

Distance From Mumbai Airport: 14 Km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee: The entrance to the film city is free of cost.

Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM–11:15 PM

Location: Film city is located Inside Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagri Main gate, Post Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065

Timings: Always OpenInsider Tips: Most of you might have already heard about the amazing Film city in Goregaon.  Get a chance to explore the amazing fake lakes and the scenic mountains. Also, you can head out for a picnic along with your loved ones and trek through the nearby villages there. Also, catch a glimpse of your favorite Bollywood Star while exploring the film city.

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Bollywood Tour Mumbai | Book Online & Get 2400 Cashback!

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Dharavi Slum (9 km from Mumbai Airport)

Dharavi Slum (9 km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit : lecercle – Flickr

The largest slum in Asia, Dharavi breaks all stereotypes of a slum and is far from being a habitat for the impoverished and underprivileged. Contrary to popular notion, it is home to some of the most industrious, inspired and creative people, where the community leads rich lives in poverty. Residing east of Mahim and Bandra, this “slum” produces close to $500 million to $1 billion dollars thus largely contributing to Mumbai’s already-rich economy. From tea and vegetable vendors, bakeries, garment districts to NGOs, schools, Dharavi is home to one and all which is what makes it such a spectacular visit.

Home to around 700,00 to around 1 million people, Dharavi is the second-biggest slum in the mainland of Asia and the third-biggest slum in the world. With a zone of a little more than 2.1 square kilometers (0.81 sq mi)[10] and a populace thickness of more than 277,136/km2 (717,780/sq mi), Dharavi is additionally a standout amongst the most thickly populated ranges on Earth.

Highlights: The Dharavi slum was established in 1882 amid the British pilgrim time, and developed to a limited extent in view of the ejection of plants and occupants from the peninsular downtown area by the pioneer government, and from the relocation of poor provincial Indians into urban Mumbai. For this reason, Dharavi is right now an exceedingly multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and various settlements.

Dharavi has a dynamic casual economy in which various family unit undertakings utilize a significant number of the ghetto resident cowhide, materials, and ceramics items are among the goods made inside Dharavi. The aggregate yearly turnover has been assessed at over US$1 billion

Distance from Mumbai: Dharavi Slum is located at a distance of 9.3 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fee  

Location: Dharavi Mumbai

Timings: Always Open

Insider Tips: Do opt for a guide so that you can get the information and have a fun-filled tour.

– Do carry your water bottle and foodstuff.

– Casual wear and Shoes are recommended.

– Do keep eye on the overhead wiring. 

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Dharavi Slum Tour | Book Online & Save 20%

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Red Carpet Wax Museum

Red Carpet Wax Museum

As the name suggests, the Red Carpet Wax Museum is one of those tourist places in Mumbai that one simply cannot miss because the museum showcases lifelike statues of celebrities and prominent people from all walks of life, such as socialites, politicians, world leaders, scientists, social workers etc. The statues are made to be completely alike the person they have been constructed after, giving a very authentic feel to the statue.

Each statue is surrounded by the necessary ambience to give the statue and its theme a complete look and feel. Any individual can pose with the statues in the museum. The museum was constructed over a period of five years after which it opened its doors to the public in December 2016. The wax museum is one of a kind monument in the city of Mumbai, so make sure you drop by and catch a glimpse of it.

Location: 1st Floor, R City Mall, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, MaharashtraBest Time to visit: Any time of the yearEntry fee: INR 250 (weekday), INR 350 (weekend)Timings: 9.45AM-9.30PMDistance from Mumbai Bus Stand: 20.5 kms from MSRTC Mumbai CentralRead More

Top Experiences To Do in Red Carpet Wax Museum

Red Carpet Wax Museum Mumbai | Book Online & Save 21%

Red Carpet Wax Museum Mumbai | Book Online & Save 21%

128 Ratings

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Aksa Beach (23 Km from Mumbai Airport)

Aksa Beach (23 Km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit : Abhishek Thakur – Flickr

Another beach which is very famous and one of the must-visit tourist places in Mumbai is the Aksa Beach. Located close to Malvani, Aksa Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa town at Malad. Dabbed with private bungalows and lodgings, Aksa Beach is a prevalent spot in the Aksa town in Malad and is one of the best places for sightseeing in Mumbai. The beach has INS Hamla (a base of the Indian Navy) toward one side and another little shoreline called Dana Paani at another.

It is seen that during Sundays and holidays, Aksa is stuffed with Aksa is packed with vacationing families and students. However, amid the week, it remains for the most part noiseless and clean, unlike any other crowded beach. During the monsoon season, the beach becomes very dangerous though it is estimated that around 15000 people visit this beach during the weekends. One can see a number of lifeguards at the beach as it said that the beach can be a bit dangerous.

Highlights: Refreshingly, there are no crowded foot stalls along the shore and beside the shoreline itself there isn’t much to do along Aksa. Because of solid streams and shifting sands, it’s the beach is not allowed for swimming.

Distance from Mumbai: Aksa Beach is located at a distance of 23 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fee.

Location: Aksa Village, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400095, India

Timings: Always Open

Insider Tips: 
Another favorite beach in Mumbai is the Aksa Beach. This beach is known for its magnificent sunset.  As the beach is less crowded one can also enjoy a memorable picnic in Mumbai along with your loved ones. One can also see a lot of street stalls here and try the delicacies from here.

15 Must-Visit Waterfalls near MumbaiRead More17

Versova Beach (7 km from Mumbai Airport)

Versova Beach (7 km from Mumbai Airport)

It is said that nothing can be a better solace than the magnificent beach in Mumbai.  Facing the Arabian Sea and creating a perfect moment for the beach lovers this beach is attracting a lot of tourists around the world. The population residing in this beach known as the Kolis mainly earns their livelihood by fishing. Fishing is the principal business around there. Unlike Marine where you can see tetrapods, Versova beach is seen filled with massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves.

Amid high tide, the whole shoreline goes submerged and so one cannot see any permanent structure on the beach.  Over the past couple of years, there have been some actions taken by the local residents and the BMC to enhance the state of the shoreline. The Save Versova Beach Association was formed for this purpose yet the shoreline lacks few facilities like lifeguards, which are basic considering the waters. Head out to this place if you are planning to visit the major Mumbai tourist places.

: There is another section of the beach known as the Rock Beach which is headed by people of all age groups. The beach is known for its mesmerizing sunset and also a great chance for the photography buffs who love to click some amazing pictures. The beach is very clean which is why a lot of people love to spend their leisure time here, of late, the UNEP drove a program to clean plastic litter, and more than 43 weeks expelled more than 2 million kilograms.

Distance from Mumbai Airport
: The Versova beach is located at a distance of 7 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No entry Fee

Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400047, India

Always Open

Insider Tips: 
Nothing can be a better place than the beach when you are visiting Mumbai. Another famous beach, Versova Beach is a must visit for you here. Try to visit this beach during the time of the festival of the Kolis that is ‘Coconut Day, where coconut offerings are made to the God of the Sea. While at the beach you can also opt for a horse or donkey rides. Catch the glimpse of the fisherman catching fish and enjoy the glorious sunset in the evening.

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Powai Lake (8.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

Powai Lake (8.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

Powai Lake is an artificial lake located in the Powai valley in the northern suburb of Mumbai which was named after Framaji Kavasji Powai Estate. This lake is among the beautiful places in Mumbai which you can’t pass up a great opportunity for your visit to this city. Situated on Salsette Island, by the Powai town, Powai Lake is a quiet and mitigating spot to appreciate nature taking care of business. Toward the east of this lake is the famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mumbai) which lies downstream of Vihar Lake and the Mithi River.

One can also find different luxurious resorts of Mumbai and hotel buildings around the fringe of the lake. When it was worked in 1891, the Powai Lake was spread crosswise over 2.1 km2 and had a profundity of around 3m at the outskirts and 12m at its most profound end. While you are in Mumbai nothing can be a better way to take a break from the busy tight schedule of your life.

One can take a boat ride through the lake to get clearer pictures of the whole region composed of that perfect silence of nature.  There is additionally ‘Powai Lake Garden’ where you can sit and appreciate the quietness of the environment. Another significant fascination of this lake is that it is arranged near the rich Hiranandani gardens.  

: This Lake is invaded with crocodiles that can be seen along the shore of the lake in huge numbers and are effectively spotted by an angler. Other animals which are seen here are spotted billed duck, small blue kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, spotted dove, brahminy kite, Purple-rumped sunbirds, white browned bulbuls, peregrine falcon, woolly-necked stork and many other species of animals. Also one can see a flawless cover of Balsam hedges, which is viewed as a wonderful cover of an appealing pink-purple mix after its blooms.

Distance from Mumbai Airport
:  The Powai Lake is located at a distance of 8.5 km.

Entrance Fee: No Fee

Location:  Powai, Maharashtra, 400076, India

Timings: Always Open
Insider Tips: 
If you are a nature lover then Powai Lake is another best place to visit in Mumbai.  Catch the glimpse of various types of flowers and trees by the lake.  Swimming is not recommended on the lake. Also, be sure to take care of your kids. 

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Kanheri Caves (23 km from Mumbai Airport)

Kanheri Caves (23 km from Mumbai Airport)

Kanheri caves which are nestled inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts a lot of tourists around the world who seeks some isolation. One can see the amazing waterfall which is just close to the cave. The seasonal waterfall gets plentiful of water amid the storm and turns into a place to be frequented by people around the world. The stupa at the front passageway makes the guests sufficiently curious to investigate a greater amount of this world legacy site known for their effortlessness which is without any remarkable imaginative aptitudes. 

They drove an exceptionally basic life which they accepted would help them to accomplish salvation. Kanheri was one of the noteworthy places of artistic activities in Mumbai. With such a variety of Buddhist Viharas, the Kanheri Caves ended up plainly one of the critical focuses of Buddhist training. The Viharas had exchange joins with Sopara, Nashik, Kalyan, Paithan, and Ujjain. The Kanheri caverns are spread over a wide range. Each cave served as a room of a monk that had a stone platform that was most likely utilized as a bed. There is additionally an enormous corridor that houses the “Dagoba”, a Buddhist Image. The Hall was utilised as a place for mass religious gatherings or for bunch love.

Highlights: The Kanheri caves serve as the main purpose of the Buddhist center of education, where the religious men used to convey addresses on the religious writings and fundamental good esteems that one ought to take after.  Aside from the Buddhist Viharas, the Kanheri Caves additionally has few Chaityas with shake cut Stupas. History specialists and Archaeologists trust that those Stupas were implied for assembling adore. The Friars kept up an exceptionally strict and trained life in those caverns. 

Distance from Mumbai Airport: The Kanheri Caves are located at a distance of 23 kms

Entrance fees: The entry fee for Indians is Rs 5 whereas entry fee for foreigners is Rs 100

Location:  Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400066, India

Timings: Opens from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Insider Tips: 
Another cave which is famous in Mumbai is the Kanheri caves. One has to climb a lot of stairs to reach the top of the cave and so old people are not recommended. Also, carry drinking water and food with you while you visit the cave. The cave closes at 5:00 PM, so be sure to visit the cave a bit early.Read More20

Gorai Beach (40 km from Mumbai Airport)

Gorai Beach (40 km from Mumbai Airport)

There will be a lot of famous places in Mumbai which you would want to explore and wouldn’t want to miss. Gorai is a standout beach amongst the known beaches of Mumbai in the north suburb. This beach draws in residents from Suburbs and furthermore from far for a day cookout. Couples favor this shoreline because of simple availability from Bhayandar and Borivali and a furthermore bunch of resorts in Mumbai, cabins accessible as well. It is one of the most secure and cleanest shorelines with sufficient space to play around with your group, ride bikes, ride a camel or go inside ocean for a pontoon ride.

One can see a lot of couples spending some romantic time with each other during the full moon night. This beach has turned into a perfect weekend getaway for the beach lovers as well as the romantics since it has some of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai too. People from Mumbai, Gujarat and Pune love to spend their weekends here. As there are a lot of cottages, resorts and other beach houses.

While you are at the beach you can enjoy some beach activities and also enjoy horse rides and camel rides which are available here. One can also take a boat ride for around Rs 100 and enjoy the vast new ocean from a different angle here.

Distance from Mumbai Airport
The Gorai Beach is located at a distance of 40 km approx.

Entrance Fee: No Fee Required

Location: Gorai RD, Maharashtra, 400092, India

Timings: Always Open
Insider Tips: 
While you are exploring Mumbai also visit the famous Gorai Beach. Soak into the peacefulness as you take a stroll through the beach. The beach is very clear and the sparkling water will definitely feel you much better as it touches your feet. There are also a few nearby restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food.Read More21

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (25 km from Mumbai Airport)

Mumbai has always been the dream destination for all. While you are visiting this amazing destination times don’t miss your chance to visit the famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. Also known as the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India this museum is one of the premier art and history museums in India. Located on the southern tip of Mumbai on the ‘Cresent Site’, the Museum building is a fine case of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. 

The Museum offers an impeccable recreation day out for every one of its guests where you can learn about the world-class craftsmanship accumulation and also indulge in some activities there. CSMVS is also a dynamic establishment, buzzing with cultural practices, amazing displays, outreach and also educational projects. It is effectively occupied with coordinated effort with worldwide exhibition halls and social associations.

Highlights: Today this building is recorded as a Grade I Heritage Building and has been granted the ‘2010 UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award’ for Cultural Heritage Conservation. It has been granted at the top of the rest of the competition for Heritage Building Maintenance by the Indian Heritage Society.  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) works on creating awareness and sensitivity towards rich culture through a well-maintained museum for education, study, and delight of the people.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 25 km from Mumbai Airport

Entry fees: 
The approximate price for the entrance is around Rs 60 per person.

The museum opens from 8:00 AM–6:00 PM

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is located at 159-161, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400032

Insider Tips: 
Make your evening special for your kids as you take them to the famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. There is an amazing gallery for the kids where they can learn and explore.Read More22

Shivaji Park (9.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

Shivaji Park (9.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit :

Shivaji park is one of the most popular Mumbai point of interest. Most of you might already know about these places but for the ones who are planning to visit for the first time let’s talk a bit about them. Known as the largest park Shivaji Park is a public park situated in Dadar and is one of the best places for Mumbai tourism.

Like the Azad Maidan and August Kranti Maidan of historical and cultural value because of the political and social gatherings it has witnessed, both in pre-and post-freedom Mumbai. The 112,937 square meters (27.907 sections of land) open space is eminent as the support of Indian cricket.

The open ground or Maidan is flanked around its edge by a katta, a basic consistent low kerb edging that structures an improvised seat, a prominent home base for youthful and old alike.The cleared walkway around this border is swarmed with individuals taking strolls. The inward circuit of the recreation centre is 1.17 kilometres (0.73 mi). The maidan covers 112,937 square meters (27.907 sections of land), the greater part of which is possessed by 31 inhabitants, the biggest being clubs like the Shivaji Park Gymkhana, and the Bengal Club. The park was made in 1925 by the Bombay Municipal Corporation, amid the British Rule.

Highlights:The Shivaji Park Gymkhana, at that point known as the Dadar Hindu Gymkhana, opened its initial Tennis court on the grounds in 1927 and initiated its structure in November 1931. The statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj put on the western side of the recreation centre is one of the not very many statues in which Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is portrayed without having drawn out his sword. Rather, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is demonstrated essentially driving the path with his arm outstretched.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 9.5 km from Mumbai Airport

Timings: The park is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Entrance Fee: rupees 50 per person 

Location: The Shivaji Park is located at Dadar West, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Insider Tips: If you are looking for some relaxation during your stay then visit the famous Shivaji Park. Spend some time exploring the park as this is known as the cradle of Indian cricket. One can see a large statue of Shivaji here. There will be different team practicing cricket and football on this ground.

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Global Vipassana Pagoda (40 km from Mumbai Airport)

Global Vipassana Pagoda (40 km from Mumbai Airport)

One of the top tourist places in Mumbai, Global Vipassana Pagoda is a landmark of tranquility, primarily spreading the teachings of Lord Buddha. Inaugurated by Ms. Pratibha Patil, former President of India in 2009, it is the largest pillar-less dome stone structure in the world.

Highlights:Live your photography fetishes as this Buddhist heritage will entrance you with the breathtaking architecture and give you amazing clicks to flaunt your Instagram feed. Just the right spot for the ones seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pagoda serves well for peace and renders to earn a cultural insight into the philosophies of Lord Buddha. 

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 40 km from Mumbai Airport

Timings: 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Location: Near Essel World, Gorai Village.

Entry Fees: Free

Insider tips: Make sure you carry your camera for the amazing shots you can capture. Take part in the meditation programs according to your stay in one of the most famous Mumbai point of interest. The courses are free of cost yet you need to avail them online.Read More

Other Places to Visit in Mumbai


Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery

A monumental establishment in the field of art, Jehangir Art gallery was founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir, second baronet, in 1952. Located in the southern region of Mumbai, the art gallery is commemorated not just as a primary spot for exhibitions of rare and appreciated paintings, sculptures, photographs, and crafts but also stands as a symbol for promotion and empowerment of Indian contemporary art.

Apart from exhibitions, there are various workshops, forums, and discussions on various aspects of education and art that are conducted in the gallery, counting up to 300 shows per year. Furthermore, the construction of this gallery helped strengthen the contemporary art culture in Mumbai. The by-product of which is the annual fest titled the ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’.

With the Jahangir art gallery as the host, the festival is extravagantly stretched to 9 days of sheer art with various exhibitions, workshops, and gatherings celebrating the success of art in India.

Looking deeper into the construct of the gallery which has been through quite a few tweaks in the past couple of years, Jehangir Art Gallery homes 4 full-fledged halls mainly, the Exhibition hall, Hirji Jehangir Gallery, Terrace Art Gallery and the Auditorium hall ready to host activities and exhibitions.

All in all, Jehangir Art Gallery is an absolute delight for artists. From an array of shows to a platform for local artists to prove their skills, the art gallery is a monumental establishment in the field of art. 

History of Jehangir Art Gallery:

The eminent Jehangir Art Gallery was founded at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai by Sir Cowasji Jehangir, as a dedicatory memorial for his late son B.G Kher. Standing as one of the oldest buildings in the city, the Art Gallery was built in 1952. The gallery has exhibited creations of some of the greatest names including the works of S.H Raza, M.F Hussain, K.K Hebbar, Anjolie Ela Menon and more.

Sitting close to the Prince of Wales Museum, the Art Gallery since its inception has always been folded with travelers and art lovers. Acting as a pioneer, Jehangir Art Gallery which stood as a symbol of art, slowly encouraged other exhibitors to lean towards the art. So various art facilities have been constructed around the gallery making the entire Kala Ghoda area a hubspot for art and sheer creativity. 

Interestingly, the wave of promoting contemporary art in the county started in 1988 with the formation of the Bombay Art Society. Taking a step further, in promoting young and growing artists, Sir Jehangir promptly donated towards the notion and established Jehangir Art Gallery. Additionally, prize distribution and rewards for best art which is still practiced has always been there with the facility since its inception. 

Architecture of Jehangir Art Gallery:

The primary designer of the Jehangir Art Gallery was Durga Bajpai. The gallery is celebrated as one of the finest and the first conceptualized construction of the city. Since its conception, the gallery has been through a number of changes but the fundamental design stays intact.

The recent positioning of the gallery stands with fully furnished and technologically sound halls, exhibition areas, and auditorium. While the exhibition area is a ginormous 3,700 square feet space, the auditorium also occupies a substantial 2,700 square feet of area.

Top of the line security system, climate control equipment and a hanging wall are just a few examples of the amenities the gallery is fitted with. This instantly makes it a favored place among exhibitors and artists for presenting their creations.

The gallery also holds a library encapsulated with various books on art. It came into existence in 1975 when the committee at the museum discovered that they had gathered a number of unsold art and paintings.

The library holds these and leases them or sells them out, paying the artist and keeping a minimal commission for themselves. Later, a sales and printing room was also erected inside the premise as a medium to deliver visitors with reproductions of books and other forms of art and writings.Read More25

ISKCON temple Mumbai

ISKCON temple Mumbai

Get lost in the chants of Hare Rama Hare Krishna and feel that eternal connection while you are this enrapturing temple. One of the forty ISKON temples, the ISKON Mumbai is constructed to spread spiritual awareness among people and help them attain spiritual peace through various engaging activities organized by the Internation Society for Krishna Consciousness and it is one of the best places for sightseeing in Mumbai.

The temple authorities guide the people who seek spiritual knowledge to nourish the fickle minds and broaden the horizons of thinking and perceiving. Not only is this temple a spot on tourist place but also has locals who are regular visitors to indulge in finding solitude and peace from their regular lives. 


Special programs conducted for spiritual awareness
                    Spellbinding halls used for various ceremonies. 
                    A Library with a huge collection of spiritual books and multimedia.
                    Govinda’s Bakery and Restaurant that serves enticing vegetarian cuisines including Indian, Italian, Thai, and Mexican.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 22 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee: No entry fee

 4:30 am to 1 pm 
                 4:15 pm to 9 pm

Juhu, MumbaiRead More26

Mumbai Zoo (Jijamata Udyaan) (21 km from Mumbai Airport)

Mumbai Zoo (Jijamata Udyaan) (21 km from Mumbai Airport)

Jijamata Udyaan, also known as the Byculla Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai on weekends. Residing in the heart of the city, the zoo is home to the most unique flora and fauna which add the feathers to its natural extravagance.

One of the oldest zoos in the country, the premises consists of a bewitching garden other than the zoo. With more than 3000 rare trees, you will also find various herbs and flowers that are no longer found anywhere.

Highlights: Not just the native species of animals, this zoo is home to many international creatures as well including the jungle cat, porcupine, mouse deer, flamingoes, Asian lion, palm civet cat, penguins, leopard, and pangolins to name a few.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 21 km from Mumbai Airport

Timings: 9 am to 5:30 pm

Location: Lalbaug Flyover, Near Railway Station, Byculla East, Byculla, Mumbai  

Entry fees: Rs. 20 per Adult & Rs. 10 per ChildRead More27

Chor Bazaar – Thieves Market (19 km from Mumbai Airport)

Chor Bazaar - Thieves Market (19 km from Mumbai Airport)

Image Credit : Poonam Agarwal -Flickr

Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar whose literal translation is Thieves’ Market first came into being due to the stolen goods that were sold here thus living up to its name. It is mostly reputed for the plethora of gorgeous antique goods and vintage items sold here. The bazaar is also a visual delight for those who just want to stroll around coming across GolDeoul, the circular Shiva temple. In addition to this, visitors may even stumble upon a diverse sect of people such as the Kolis that are the original fishing community of Mumbai and the Bohras, a minority community of Shia Muslims. Even if it is just to window-shop, Chor Bazaar is definitely one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai.

A standout amongst the most entrancing souks, Chor Bazaar is home to many stolen goods as the name goes. You will, for the most part, discover shopaholics scrounging at good at a lower price. From collectables to Victorian furniture and design to hardware, a wide cluster of goods accessible here is amazing. The vast majority of the shop proprietors are utilised to the impulses and fancies of the customers. Chor Bazaar has a history that ranges for more than 150 years. The market was first known as ‘Shor Bazaar’ and in the end got changed to ‘Chor Bazaar’

Highlights: Once in Chor Bazaar you will get yourself encompassed by Muslim architecture and surroundings. Situated on Mutton Street, the range is loaded with dilapidated buildings, swarmed lanes and disintegrating shops, holding a touch of the old world appeal. The vast majority of the paths are packed with vendors selling a wide range of goods at exceptionally low costs. The nearest railroad station to Chor Bazaar is situated at Grant Road.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: Chor Bazaar is located at a distance of 19 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Mutton St, Ajmer, Kumbharwada, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400003, India

Timings: 11 am to 7:30 pm except FridayInsider Tips: Another interesting tourist place in Mumbai which you should definitely visit is Chor Bazar. Stroll through the market as you see all the items here. You will bascically see automobile parts are available here. Always bargain before you buy any items here.

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Read More28

Bandra Bandstand (10 km from Mumbai Airport)

Bandra Bandstand (10 km from Mumbai Airport)

Also known as the Bandra Promenade, this is a spot-on hangout place while you enjoy the mesmerizing view of the waves gushing at the seashore. A scintillating skyline at the spellbinding seashore, you cannot decide whether the place looks better in the daylight or at night and it is one of the famous places for sightseeing in Mumbai.

While the night talks of the serenity, the morning is energizing as this place turns into a popular joggers strip. You can also spot some of our Bollywood stars jogging here which is another reason for its major popularity. 

Not to forget the numerous food junctions that make this place the food-lovers’ abode serving tasty local food all throughout. You must hit the Bandra fort nearby in the evening to enjoy the eye-feasting sunset. 

Highlights: Besides bestowing an enthralling picture of the neighboring sea and the mesmerizing skyline, Bandstand also flaunts of being Shahrukh Khan’s residential place, which is a significant pull for the tourists. At the end of the promenade, there stands an amphitheater, which is used to host various cultural events and concerts.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 10 km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee: no fee

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

Timings: Open all day and night.Read More29

Madh Island

Madh Island

A popular weekend destination, away from the busy city life, Madh Island is all about sunshine, sea breeze, and amazing seafood. Located around 30 kilometres from the Mumbai between the Arabian Sea and Malad creek, it still is a haven for those looking for some unique experiences.

An assortment of magnificent Portuguese architecture dating to the 16th century, colourful and charming native Koli villages and forts, the place pleasantly surprises its visitors. Madh Island offers people a glimpse into the leisurely way of life of farming and fishing, which is an amazingly refreshing experience. You will see fishermen still drying their catch on the beaches here. 

The beaches are dotted with thick palm tree mangroves and lounging shacks are famous for nightlife and weekend parties. You will find many famous DJs playing live music here on the weekends. There are plenty of luxury resorts here that offer a five-star stay experience along with gourmet food. 

The beaches here are cleaner and have fewer crowds as compared to the more popular ones in the city. Madh Island is also a popular shooting location for Bollywood movies and is the home to many filmmakers and artists.

Location: Madh Island is located around 30 kilometers off the north-western coast of Mumbai. 

Timings: The Island is accessible throughout the year at all times. 

Price: Reaching Madh Island via ferry from Versova will cost as low as Rs. 3 per person. Food for two people will cost approximately Rs. 500.
Read More30

Mumba Devi Temple (12 km from Mumbai Airport)

Mumba Devi Temple (12 km from Mumbai Airport)

It is an old temple of the city dedicated to Goddess Mumba. The importance of this temple can be understood by the fact that the city of Mumbai derives its name from Goddess Mumbadevi. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Mumbai which gets hundreds of followers visiting on daily basis.                               

: As a visitor, the main highlight for you will be the Aatis conducted in the temple vicinity and shopping in the nearby shops of the vicinity. But, the main feature of the Mumba Devi Shrine is the icon of Goddess Mumbadevi, decorated with a silver crown, a brilliant golden neckband along with a nose stud. The idol is set on a sacred place, festooned with marigold blooms.         

Distance From Mumbai Airport: 12 Km away from Mumbai Airport           

Entrance Fee:
 There is no entrance fee to visit this sacred temple 

 The temple is situated at the famous Zaveri Bazar in Bhuleshwar area of South Mumbai. 

Timings: 6 am to 9 pm

Insider Tips: Try avoid going on Fridays as there is huge rush on Fridays on this TempleRead More31

Snow World

Snow World

Take a fascinating relief from the sweltering heat of Mumbai at a one-of-its-kind theme park – Snow World. Situated in Phoenix Market City, Snow World is a perfect place for your family to enjoy a day in the world of snow. 

The state-of-art technology at the Snow World is such that you get to witness the bliss of Kashmiri snowfall in the financial capital of India. Engineers of the Snow World have tried their best to maintain the mercury level below minus 10 degree celsius. 

So, spare some time from your schedule and indulge in snowy adventures like ice skating and sledging. If still your child craves for something more, lead him towards the Snow Dance Arena to witness the realistic rainfall. Watch your child building his own dream snow castle here or set him free to perform his favorite snow dance. 

From beginner to veteran, this world of snow has experiences for one and all. There are guides near every snow activity here to guide you with the basics to your comfort and convenience. 

Apart from enjoying it with your family, you may bring in your companions or your school kids and have a moment of joy with them. It is also a great place to organise your child’s first birthday or encourage his academic excellence here. Snow World, Mumbai has also been a place for corporate events in the past. 

Activities and Things to Do at Snow World Mumbai 

Enjoy the bliss of natural snowfall –

Are you unable to plan your Kashmir visit? Snow World in Mumbai brings you an exciting opportunity to experience the magical touch of snow at your hometown. Surprise your loved ones with a snowy tour on their birthdays with the chilling adventure rides right in Mumbai. 

Slide on a speeding rubber tube at -10 degrees Celsius – 

Slide along the curves and slopes of the speeding rubber tubes from a height of 100 feet. Having a jungle view in its backdrop, it forms the most picturesque spot for some candid moments. 

Throw snowballs at your friends or siblings at the snow play area – 

There’s a snow play area inside the Snow World where you can live your childhood days. Wear your snow jackets and step in the play area to throw some soft snowballs at your family, friends and relatives. Here too, you can ask someone to click some candid moments to cherish your family time. 

A little flavour of adrenaline adventure –

How does it sound to sledge, board or skate on the snowy land? Although it might seem like an easy task, there’s a little chance of slipping over the ice. Make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly to experience a snow adrenaline adventure. Once you understand the tips and tricks here, you can make your adventure a challenging one!Read More32

Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai

Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai

Part of the Hanging garden complex in Mumbai, Kamla Nehru Park is a recreational ground, covering almost 4 acres of land area. The Malabar Hills are decorated with these exquisite gardens which are under maintenance by the local civic bodies in the region. The Kamla Nehru Park is highly popular with tourists and children, who love to come here and enjoy the scenic views of the city.

One of the most notable views from this location is that of the Marine Drive, which gives a splendid view of the famous ‘Queen’s necklace’ from this point. Within the garden, a remarkable shoe structure can be found that draws the attention of children.

Not many knew about it but the structure of the shoe has a historical relevance and draws its inspiration from a nursery rhyme titled ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe’. It is believed that the structure of the shoe was designed by a former BMC Environment officer by the name of Soli Arceivala who was a Vice principal of VJTI for nearly 15 years and director of NEERI.

The park was renovated in the year 2017 and 2018 and was later opened to the public on 22nd February 2018. The park now has many additional spaces for the enjoyment of children. The refurbished shoe structure is now painted in blue, has a rainbow amphitheatre, a pergola with hanging cane chairs, Echo Gazebos, Compass View gallery, Minions selfie point, Ashoka Stambha with tricolour planter beds, and a clock. Read MoreAlibag

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Taraporewala Aquarium (22 km from Mumbai Airport)

Taraporewala Aquarium (22 km from Mumbai Airport)

It is one of the oldest aquaria in the country and also a popular Mumbai tourist attraction. It is a home to marine as well as freshwater fishes.  There are around 400 species residing in the aquarium.  Head out to this amazing places if you are starting your Mumbai sightseeing tour.                         

Highlights: The main attraction of the place is the 12 ft long tunnel with acrylic glass fitted in 180 degrees. It also has Amphitheatre with 50 seats, breathtaking aquascaping with coral and rocky ecosystems and a lot of other aqua sceneries alluring everyone. Jellyfish can also be found here in a semi-circular tank.

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 22 Km from Mumbai Airport

Entrance Fee:
 The entry charge for adults is Rs. 60 or $1 (approx) per head and Rs. 30 or ($0.5) per head for children below 12 years. Also, Government employees are charged Rs. 30 or ($0.5). Also, there will be extra charges for taking photography and videography.

Location: The aquarium is located at Marine Lines, Mumbai

Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Check Out: Scuba Diving in MumbaiRead More34

Linking Road (4.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

Linking Road (4.5 km from Mumbai Airport)

A shopping haven, Linking road is the best place to visit in Mumbai to test your bargaining skills. While abiding by the thumb rule to quote the half-price, you can get the knick-knacks at throwaway prices as well and it is one of the must-visit places in Mumbai tourism.

Called the shoppers’ paradise, Linking Road is bang on whether you wish to get the A-grade imitation of the big brands at pocket-friendly prices. Isn’t this your chance to fill your closet the Levi’s, Vera Moda and Blackberrys all over! 

Highlights: You can also hop over the lip-smacking street food or try cafes as the place has plenty of them to confuse you. Also to mention the spas which cater to relaxing foot massage easing your muscles after the tiring shopping experience. No doubt you must spare a few hours of your Mumbai trip at this spectacular destination. 

Distance from Mumbai Airport: 4.5 km from Mumbai Airport

Entry fee: No entry fee

9 am to 8 pm

Extends from Bandra Talkies to Dahisar East, Toll Gate Mumbai

Insider tips: 
Do not hesitate to quote the prices lower than the seller to enjoy shopping at its best. 
                      Do not forget to relish your taste buds with the enticing street food here.Read More35

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya

The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Mumbai happens to be a museum where Mahatma Gandhi stayed in the course of his visits to Bombay from the year 1917 to the year 1934. He used to come to Bombay frequently at that time to formulate his very own philosophy of non-violence protest against the ruling Britishers in India.

The civil Disobedience Campaign that flagged off in the past was kick-started from this place. The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya has many other significant historical feathers attached to its cap.

The exhibits in Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya are more of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings. It also consists of several photographic records of his personal life along with many other important documents and letters from various important personalities of that era from all over the world. 

With the passage of time, this place has made its way into the tourism landscape of Mumbai. It is now one of the most important places in the tourism map of Mumbai, attracting a good number of tourists all over the year. Check out all the things that you should be aware of before visiting this place.

History of Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya:

The Mani Bhavan was the place where once upon a time Gandhi used to spend his days in Mumbai in the course of the Independence struggle. The building was owned by one of Gandhi’s friends named Shri Revashankar Jhaveri. 

This building has witnessed more than a few freedom struggle movements. Satyagraha was one of them. As the building was closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi, it was dedicated as a memorial of Gandhi in the year 1955. It is also the same place where Gandhi was arrested on 4 January in the year 1932. This incident even makes this place more interesting for tourists visiting Mumbai. 

If you are someone who has a keen interest in knowing about the freedom struggle of India, then this place will surely be an encyclopedia of information. You can learn about various freedom fighting movements and also about the key personalities associated with them. Many pictorial and documented evidences are displayed in the Sangrahalaya, which are not available anywhere else.

A tour in and around the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya will be  very influential in gaining knowledge about India’s past. 

Attractions of Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya:

The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya is considered one of the most prominent Gandhi memorials in the country. This building is surely one of the places that will give you a clear picture of the life of Gandhi and the great freedom movement of India. The Mani Bhavan consists of the following:

1. Library – The library in the Sangrahalaya consists of more than 40000 books and many periodicals. The books in the collection are more or less about Gandhi, his thoughts, freedom fighting movements, and on some allied subjects. This public library is mostly occupied by many individuals who follow Gandhian principles in their life. The public library remains open on all days except the second and fourth Saturdays. It also remains closed on public holidays. 

2. Gandhiji’s Room – The room is on the second floor of the building and it used to be Gandhi’s living room. This was the place where Gandhi used to stay. It too has many personal belongings as well as artefacts of that time. The room has been preserved as it is in the original condition. This is also one of the places in Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya which attracts lots of tourists. 

3. Terrace – The terrace of the present-day Mani Bhavan Sangrahalaya is one of the top tourist attractions. This is for the reason that Gandhi was arrested from there in the year 1932. He used to spend most of his time on the terrace either sleeping or praying. Gandhiji used to spend most of time his time meditating in the calm and peaceful environment. 

4. Picture Gallery – The picture gallery in the sangrahalaya is one of the places that has many exhibits of images from those days during various important events. All the exhibits have a definitive caption either in Hindi or in English. You can also find some of the replicas of Mahatma Gandhi’s belongings and various models of his birthplace. Models of his days in a number of places like Sabarmati Ashram, Phoenix Ashram and Sevagram Kutir are also exhibited in the gallery. 

5. Auditorium – The auditorium in the sangrahalaya mostly plays films and some of the important speeches of Mahatma Gandhi. This place is also used for holding some public meetings, discussions, seminars and various other cultural functions.
Read More36

Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom

Owned by the EsselWorld Leisure Pvt Ltd, Water Kingdom is among the biggest water parks in the continent. Spread across 22 acres, the amusement park boasts of over 30 rides. With its multitude of water rides and swimming pools, the theme park is suitable for all age groups, including toddlers, kids, and adults. Along with the neighbouring EsselWorld amusement park, it is the largest of its kind in the country.

Visited by hundreds and thousands of families every year, Water Kingdom proudly houses the largest Aqua play pool in the country, the Lagoon. The park has five more sections with numerous sides suitable for all age groups. There is also a rain dance floor which is enjoyed equally by kids as well as couples, friends, and families. 

Some of the rides, such as What A Coaster, is specifically designed for thrill-seeking adults. The ride takes you to a height equal to a seven-storey building and drops you vertically at a speed of 40 miles per hour. 

With over 20 million visitors to date, the park is one of the most popular places in Mumbai to visit for a daybreak. Located on the outskirts, Water Kingdom allows you to be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy a day with your family and children. 

Water kingdom Attractions Pass Types:

Water Kingdom – This ticket allows you to make a single entry to the Water Kingdom. The prices are INR 559 (plus GST) for children between the height of 3’3” and 4’6” as well as senior citizens. For adults, the tickets are priced at INR 877 (plus GST).

Combine Ticket – This ticket permits you a single entry to both EsselWorld and Water Kingdom. The price is INR 801 (plus GST) for children and INR 1191 (plus GST) for adults.

Fast Track Entry – This type of pass allows you to enter Water Kingdom through a priority gate without having to wait in queues. The cost of the tickets is INR 839 (plus GST) for children and INR 1076 (plus GST) for adults.

Annual Pass Passport Next – This special type of annual pass allows you 3 entries to EsselWorld or Water Kingdom in a year. The first visit has to be made within 30 days of purchasing the ticket. The year is counted from the day you first visit the park. The fee for the pass is INR 1390 (plus GST) for children and adults.

Rides & Attractions at Water Kingdom:

1. What A Coaster – Only for adults, What A Coaster is one of the steepest vertical drop slides in India. Travelling up to 40 miles an hour, the seven-story slide assures to get your heart racing.

2. Bratzone – Suitable for both children and adults, Bratzone is a dedicated rain dance area with a groovy dance floor and water sprinklers. Adorned with Coco beach, a shallow pool, the Aquadrome is a perfect place to relax and have a nice time.

3. Goofers Lagoon – Perfect for all age groups, including toddlers, Goofers Lagoon is equipped with a spinning tray, some water guns, a splash roof, and a tilted bucket.

4. Adventures Amazonia – One of the most interesting parts of the water park for adults as well as kids, Adventures Amazonia is equipped with quite a few exciting rides such as the Rock n’ Roll Safari, Elephant Safari, and the Serpent Safari (not suitable for claustrophobics).

5. The Lagoon – Reportedly, the largest aqua pool in the country, the Lagoon is expanded across 30,000 feet and has 10 different rides to suit all age groups. The section also has a massive elephant bucket which splashes water at an interval of 5 minutes.

6. Wetlantic – The most visited section of Water Kingdom, Wetlantic is an enthralling wave pool with fountains and gentle and massive waves. The area is also adorned with caves and towers and has lifeguards on standby.Read More37

Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain

Established amidst one of the hustling places of Mumbai, Flora Fountain stands with pride. Built in 1864, it was constructed under the British colonial government. It was devoted to the Governor of Bombay, Sir Bartle Frere. The fountain wells up like a natural spring with splashing sound of water falling into the basin surrounded by lion heads.

The fine carving of the sculpture and the base of the fountain resembles the influences of culture. The fountain includes four sculptures, a basin-like structure surrounded by fishes and lion heads, and a statue of Flora that crowns the monument with a poise.

Tackled with restoration work, the Flora Fountain was back to its authentic and integral form by January 2019. One of the significant parts of Mumbai, Flora Fountain is a reminder of the colonial period. It is a part of a collection of ornate civic monuments of Victorian-era fountains.

Surrounded by the buildings constructed during British Raj, Flora fountain is super close to the other attractions of Mumbai like Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Rajabai Clock Tower, and much more! Plan a day-long itinerary to not miss any of these. Here, you can indulge in shopping, exploring architectural beauties, and savouring local delicacies.

A blend of traditional and modern styles of architecture, Flora Fountain conserves the heritage of India. Gaining another feather in its hat, the 155-year-old Flora Fountain has been chosen from India for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. It bagged four of the 16 awards by UNESCO.

History of Flora Fountain:

The Flora Fountain was built by the British colonial government that ruled Bombay in 1864. It was initially named after the Governor of Bombay, Sir Bartle Frere, the man responsible for building a modern Mumbai. But before the inauguration, the name ‘Flora’ was conferred on it – the Roman goddess of fertility, flowers, and spring.

It was constructed by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India in 1864 with the help of a donation by Cursetjee Fardoonjee Parekh, a wealthy Parsi businessman.

The origins of the fountain lay in the demolition of the fort walls. The Fort had three gates – Bazaar Gate, Apollo Gate, and Church Gate – before its demolition, Flora Fountain was installed at the same spot. It stands next to another monument, a stone statue bearing a pair of torches holding patriots, honouring the soldiers of the Samyuktha Maharashtra Samiti who fought for a separate Maharashtrian state, called Martyr’s square or Hutatma Chowk.

The Architecture of Flora Fountain:

Flora Fountain was designed by Richard Norman Shaw and carved by James Forsythe, inspired by Neo-Gothic and Indo-Saracenic architecture styles. The Flora’s structure stands on a 32 ft high base of the fountain, and Flora, on top, is 7 ft. It is sculpted from Portland Stone and coated with a layer of white oil paint. The original limestone is a luminous pale beige.

The fountain consists of statues with four fine details – one with a braid, another with the facial expression of a smirk, one with disc earrings, and the last one with the anklets. At Flora’s feet, you can observe four fishes and 20 lion heads on the basin. In January 2019, a renewed fountain was established successfully and unveiled to Mumbaikars.Read MoreMahabaleshwar

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Mumbai Dhobi Ghat

Mumbai Dhobi Ghat

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Dhobi Ghat is a prominent organization of the region. This is a place near Mahalaxmi ghat where the washerman and women wash clothes of half of the population of Mumbai and deliver it to the right person. There are almost 721 stones where they wash the clothes using the traditional ways. For washing the clothes they use flogging stones, caustic soda, and tons of water.

This was started in the Victorian era that was about 140 years ago and is still the same. As many as 800 families are dependent on this business and ensure to keep up with the traditional method of washing clothes.

People who wash the clothes are called the “Dhobi” and this is the reason it is called the Dhobi Ghat. The working hours of people here from early in the morning at 4:30 am and they keep working till late in the night at 10:00 pm. Each one of them has their own stone where they work and earn their living! If you looking for a place where you can take a look at the life of washermen then this is the right place for you.

History of Dhobi Ghat:

Dhobi Ghat was established on the Mahalaxmi ghat and can be easily seen from the main flyover. This was started by an association of almost 50 washers about 140 years ago in the Victorian Era. This is the only place of the British time whose name is still the same and there is no change in the people. 

The people here follow  the authentic traditions of washing clothes using flogging stones, caustic soda, and abundance of water from the Mahalaxmi ghat. The washermen wash the clothes and then return it to the people by drying them completely. 

From the old times, there are 721 stones that are of individuals or families and they use that only. This is the only source of earning of the people here, and they live in chawls. There are almost 700 families that live here and have taken up this as their business. More than 50% of Mumbai’s population’s clothes are washed here and it is located in its heart “Mahalaxmi”.

The Washer-Men and Women:

-Washermen: With more than 500 washermen’s working at the Dhobi ghat, this place is the hub for washing clothes. They still use the old ways of cleaning clothes like brush caustic soda, flogging stones, and lots of water. Right from washing to drying everything is done at this place.

-Washer-Women: There are almost 300 women working at the Dhobi ghat and washing the clothes of 50% of the population of Mumbai. Some of them are working for their earning while others work only to support their families. There are almost 721 stones and each one is assigned to one family. On a daily basis, they earn almost 300 to 500 rs whereas some of them even earn 800 rs in a day.Read More39

Mahakali Caves

Mahakali Caves

Also known as Kondivita Caves, Mahakali caves are the perfect depiction of the lifestyle of people from an early age. They are as old as 2000 years and believed to be built in the 1st and 6th centuries. The caves are made from very strong basalt rock and divided into two major groups having 19 caves in total.

The first group has fifteen caves settled in the south-east direction whereas the group two with four caves is located in the north-west direction. Group-I in the south-eastern was carved earlier than the group-II in the north-western. The caves have stone figures of Buddha and stupas and a few engraved figures of Buddha on the walls of the caves too, along with some scriptures in the language Pali.

The group-I has dwelling places along with a few verandahs, courtyards, a chapel, and a few shrines. Whereas, group-II also has a dining place. The space between these two groups of the caves have some broken tombstones along with a monument and a small auditorium serving the purpose of a school. Settled in the western part of Mumbai in Andheri, these caves depict a fair story about the residents of these caves.

Being a Buddhist monastery, these caves were the cells for the monks who followed Buddhism. They had a fine lifestyle with a separate place for living and eating as well as they gave importance to education too. Every detail makes it more and more fascinating and reveals more about their lifestyle which makes it a must-visit place in Mumbai.

Architecture of Mahakali caves:

Mahakali Caves were constructed 2000 years ago from now. It is believed that they belong to the era from the 1st to 6th centuries. The name of the architecture followed by the caves is Indian rock-cut architecture. They are classic caves carved out of the black basalt rock which is the result of hardened lava after a volcanic eruption. They even have few inscriptions on the walls in the language Pali, which is older than Sanskrit. The caves are clustered in two areas with twenty entrances. 

The first area is in the south-east direction where there are fifteen caves. They consist of dwelling places, verandahs, courtyards, a chapel, a significant cave number 9 and a few shrines. You can witness numerous stone figures of Buddha and stupa inside the caves. The other group is located in the north-west direction which has only four caves and one of them was used as a dining place and others as places for living.

The group-I is believed to be the older caves than the group-II. The space between these two clusters of caves have several broken tombstones, a monument, and an auditorium which appears to be made for the teacher and the disciples. This whole ‘cave society’ will present a glimpse of the lives of ancient people.

Brief About cave number 9 of Mahakali Caves: 

Cave number 9 of Mahakali Caves is the largest cave out of all the fifteen which is a Chaitya or a prayer hall. It contains seven figures of Lord Buddha as well as several depictions from Buddhist mythology. However, the figures are now mutilated and the only thing you can see is the silhouettes of the statues without any details.Read More40

Cycling Tours In Mumbai

Superb420 Ratings4.0

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  • 3H
  • Mumbai

₹2,303₹1,750Book Now

Explore a new side of Mumbai calm and peaceful with this cycling tour in Mumbai. While the rest of the city is only just beginning to wake up, we take advantage of the empty streets and cool air to explore South Mumbai by cycle. Meet at theKailash Parbat Restaurant, Colaba, and embark on this fun-filled activity that would come up with a set of splendid memories.

The cycling tours in Mumbai start at 6 AM and as you wind your way through the back lanes, you’ll visit must-see Mumbai sights like the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and CST Station as well as some hidden gems like Sassoon Dock and Crawford Market. At the end of the tour, you’ll stop for a well-deserved Indian breakfast.

The highly trained and professional guide will accompany you throughout the activity of cycling tours in Mumbai and explain to you some interesting stories about this city of dreams.Read More41

Mumbai Food Tour

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  • 4H
  • Mumbai

₹2,030₹1,530Book Now

Mumbai is a fun place for all travellers as well as foodies. The city provides an array of food stalls in markets that fill the air with an unresisting fragrance and dominates the taste buds. The city offers scrumptious delicacies in the form of tangy Pani puris, delicious Vada Pav, tasty Pav Bhaji, stiff dosas, Chicken tandoori, Seekh Kebabs, and much more.

Embark on this Mumbai food tour starting from Mumbai’s most famous beach, Chowpatty, which serves some of Mumbai’s best vegetarian street food while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the sunset. You can then proceed to Mohammad Ali road in the Ali Khao gullies, where you will be able to interact with the locals as well as savor lip-smacking dishes like kebabs, tikka, and much more.Read More42

Helicopter Ride In Mumbai

Very Good932 Ratings3.0

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  • Mumbai

₹14,000₹9,190Book Now

Activity Location: Juhu Airport, Mumbai

Activity Duration: 15 minutes

Operational Hours: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

About Helicopter Ride In Mumbai

A helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the landscape is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the city and its surrounding areas. Witness the panoramic views of the entire Mumbai city, at a time from the height of 1000 ft and soothe your senses with some astonishing 360-degree sights.

Devised to cater 3 people at a time, the Robinson R44 takes you from the starting point through the exclusive routes designed as per the duration to cover the maximum in those 15 minutes. Think beyond exploring the metropolis through land and water, and indulge in this novel Helicopter Joyride activity that provides a bird’s view of the city.

The route includes:

  1. Juhu Beach – Andheri- Santacruz Airport View- Powai – Vihar lake – Film City Goregaon & Back (East)
  2. Juhu Beach- Bandra- Worli Sea Link – Dadar- Mumbai Central- Mahalaxmi- Haji Ali- Antellia and back (South)
  3. Direct Andheri- Pagoda- Essel world & back via Malad- Goregaon- Andheri- Santacruz Airport ( North)

Read MoreKolad

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Mumbai Tour Package Half Day

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₹600₹500Book Now

The city of dreams calls people from all over the world to fulfill their desires, explore opportunities and enjoy the magic of a metro city. From Church gate to Marine drive, Mumbai is shining in glitters of architecture, heritage, slums, and of course, Bollywood! Head out for a fascinating tour in Mumbai with your friends and family.

Places that will be visited during the tour include Juhu Beach, Amitabh Bachchan Bungalow, Bandra Bandstand, Bandra Worli Sea Link, Passing through Malabar hill, hanging garden, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Gateway of India & Taj Mahal Hotel. Your driver cum guide will be helping you everywhere in transferring and providing information regarding various places. As you visit these glorious places, do not miss capturing any moment.Read More

Places to Visit in Mumbai at Night


Trilogy Open Air Lounge

Trilogy Open Air Lounge

Love sunsets by the beach? Then this is the place to be in Mumbai. Nestled between the twinkling city lights and the serene sea face at Sea Princess, Trilogy truly spells grandeur. The recently renovated tourist spot in Mumbai now houses three sections – The Asian Bistro, an open-air lounge bar and thirdly, the stunning nightclub with overhead ceiling lights that glow softly and levitate creating an atmosphere of pure psychedelia.

The food is great too. You could try their Trilogy special roll, edamame truffle dumplings, and crispy pork belly. We recommend you make a prior booking because the place is almost always chock full of people.

Price: A little heavy on the pocket, a meal for two including beverages, would cost around Rs. 3000.

Location: 969, JuhuTara Road, Airport Area, Juhu, inside Sea Princess, Mumbai

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Read More45

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

It is one of a perfect night out the destination of the town. Here you can visit with your friends and family to enjoy some unforgettable time. Here one has the ample opportunity to dine, enjoy the music, shop and more.

It is a very popular café which host numbers of guests every time categorizing it amongst one of the places to visit in Mumbai with friends.Presence of pub, nightclub, lounge and more makes the experience of nightlife in this lively city more exciting.Top brands like Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff can be found in this pub 

 It has an extensive menu with a reasonable price. On a large picture, one can estimate Rs. 2100 or $35 approx for two people for going the place.

 There are two café situated in Mumbai. One is in Worli and the other is at Andheri (West).Read More46

H20 – The Liquid Lounge

H20 - The Liquid Lounge

H20 – The Liquid Lounge is one of the must visit places in  Mumbai. Very few people are aware that Bollywood star Suniel Shetty is the proud owner of this swanky H20 Clubhouse. This place is divided into two sections; the lower part is dedicated solely to rhythm and dance while the upper part houses a quiet restaurant with a Standing Bar.

A beautiful staircase leads you up to the restaurant area where water comes splashing down from the wall and you realise that the floor underneath your shoes is made of glass, as you look at the people below tapping away at groovy numbers. Tennessee Brunette, Salty Lips, H20 martini and fire shots accompanied with Kakori Mutton kebab, Fish black bean Dry and AchaariMurgTikka will keep you coming back for more.

Price: About Rs. 2000, for two.
Location: Hotel Royal Inn, Opp. Khar Telephone Exchange,  Off Linking Road, Khar, Mumbai.

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Read More47

Poison Club

Poison Club

Go here for the music. The owner of this place DJ Aqeel has the best collection of hip hop, house and trance. Massive sound systems surround the area and the result is a highly energised nightclub. They rope in several popular DJs on Wednesdays, so make sure to pay this place a visit when going for Mumbai tourism.

Most people here choose to go with finger foods, of which they have a good collection. Of all the tourist places in Mumbai, this one give you value for money both in terms of music and food.And the best part, as soon as you enter and settle down, they serve you a huge bucket of butter popcorn on the house!

Price: Rs. 1500, for two.
Location: Krystal Building,PatkarMarg, Behind Waterfield Road, Bandra.Read MoreKamshet

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Ghetto (Breach Candy)

Ghetto (Breach Candy)

This is the best tourist spot in Mumbai for regulars and people looking at pocket-friendly rates and good ambiance. The interiors are dim and dark giving the place a mysteriously rustic feel which will calm your nerves after a long day at work, so kick back and relax.

If you are alone or have run out of things to talk about, you can always join their pool table or ask them for other board games they keep stacked up behind the counters. One thing, though, they have a strictly no-stag policy, so be sure to check that before booking.

Price: Rs. 1300, for two.
Location: Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy, Mahalaxmi, South Mumbai.

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Read More49

Blue Frog Club

Blue Frog Club

No Mumbai sightseeing trip can end without paying a visit to this iconic pub. One of the oldest restaurants and a great Mumbai attraction, this place has consistently provided good entertainment and good food at affordable prices to its customers over the years. The place might seem a little too crowded but if you are a music lover, a comedy lover or just someone who wants to unwind by the sea, this is the place for you.

Blue Frog continues to host musicians and comedians from all across the globe and has earned itself returning customers from all corners of the world. We recommend their Burnt Linguine Chicken Jalapeño and Garlic Pepper Shrimp. If you are in Mumbai for a quick stay this place should totally be on your list.

Price: About Rs. 1500, for two.

Location: Zeba Centre, Mathuradas Mill Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower ParelRead More

Best Places to Eat in Mumbai


Kitty Su

Kitty Su

Housed inside The Lalit hotel in the city, the place just cater to the perfect ambiance for a person to enjoy what is called a great nightlife. In Kitty Su Mumbai you will keep on shaking your leg amidst the perfect ambiance of music and dance.

It is a chain of club spreading all across India.It also has an exclusive boutique and merchandise store, making it unparallel with other nightlife clubs. In Mumbai, it has two venues namely Club and Pleasure. The cuisine you will find here is Bar food.DJ parties is something which you will find here on a regular basis.    

The average cost for two people visiting here will be Rs. 3000 or $50 approx with alcohol. Again, the price is similar to what other bar-restaurants have.

As mentioned earlier, it is located at The Lalit Hotel, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai.Read More51

Café Leopold

Café Leopold

Established in the year 1871, this is one of the popular and also oldest restaurants of the metropolis. This multi-cuisine restaurant was one of the victims of the horrendous 26/11 Mumbai attack. Although many places Taj Hotel and Trident Hotel have done the renovation post this attack this place is still preserving the signs of it making it one of the must visited places in Mumbai at Night.                                                                     

A key aspect which makes this café very popular is its mention in the bestselling novel Shantaram and its sequel The Mountain Shadow which is written by Gregory David Roberts. It is believed to be one of the reasons why many patrons of this popular restaurant came back after 26/11

 The price here is similar to that of a normal restaurant in the city. It is very reasonable. 

 It is located in Colaba region across Colaba Police Station

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Read More52



ASILO which means safe house in Spanish is an open to sky asylum. It offers a stunning, all-encompassing perspective of Mumbai city from uber-luxury housetop scene. The outline and vibe of white stylistic theme, warm wooden ground surface and chic open-air seating with five exclusive private eating lounges, which immediately takes one to a Santorini mood.

Food and the menu of this place is one of the best in the conurbation.It serves one of the best cocktails and grilled food. A live saxophonist and DJ keeps people in groove.It is one of the perfect destination for a romantic and luxury dining. This place is among the top in places to visit in Mumbai at night.   

The average cost for dining of two people comes nearby Rs. 5000 or $80 approx 

 It is located at The St. Regis, Phoenix Mills, 40th Floor, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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Doolally Taproom

Doolally Taproom

Image Credit : burrpimg

It is a popular dining place for the commercial capital of India. With the amazing ambience, wonderful décor, comfortable seating, excellent customer service, it has become one the most visited tourist attractions in Mumbai amongst the people. It is more suitable for people to enjoy amazing nightlife with a limited budget.

Popular food of the place is Apple Cider, Chicken Skewer, Virgin Mojito, Pancakes, Craft Beer, Hefeweizen and more. Mostly serves North Indian cuisine (Finger food). It has many positive reviews from people. The main setback of this place is it has a small area, but still, it is not a hindrance as the lovely dishes, artisanal brews, and the ambience cover it up. 

 The average price here is around Rs. 1800 or $30 approx for two people with Alcohol. A pint of beer costs around Rs. 300 or $5 approx 

 It is situated at Geleki area of ONGC colony at Bandra West.Read More54



Situated inside Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, it is an open-air rooftop bar which caters cocktails, tapas, champagne and more to its visitors. It welcomes its guests all around the year including the monsoon season when they keep special arrangements for the same and it is one of the best places for Mumbai tourism.

Here one will definitely have a different experience of nightlife at a high! It is one of the best tourist places in Mumbai to be in during seasons like Christmas and New Year. Outdoor seating capacity is 80.  

Price: Access to the hotel guest is complimentary while outsiders need to pay Rs. 2500 or $40 approx as the cover charge. Cover charge is applicable to everyone (including residing guests) on special occasions like Christmas and New Year Eve. With respect to dining, it costs around Rs. 4000 or $66 approx for two persons     

Location: As mentioned, it is located inside Four Seasons Hotel, 1/136, 34th Floor, Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai

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Read More55

San Qi

Image Credit :

It is another popular place which offers a lively feasting experience in Mumbai that takes visitors on a diverse culinary adventure through the absolute most prevalent cooking styles of the East – Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian. Smooth and contemporary, this sustenance eatery includes the best of Asian eating, joined by a hip wine bar, popular world music along with new Indian jazz.

An amazing 5-star dining experience. It is a perfect place with some taste of wine and International Culinary. Overall one of the perfect location for nightlife with family or friends. Excellent customer service. Décor and ambiance is very much alluring .Indoor Seating with 180 seats

 The average dining cost for two persons here will be approxRs. 4500 or $75 approx

 The place is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli.Read More

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